P’s “Time Marches On” Events List

Here’s what I have so, far.  Now that I’ve listed it (this is pretty typical for any year – and does not include random dinner engagements and doing things with friends), I can’t believe how many years I’ve let myself not enjoy so many events!!!!:

  1. April 13 – Annual Evening Fund Raiser – not formal this year (whew) but a “Jimmy Buffet” theme instead, so it’s “Island Attire” according to the invite – At least I’ll look better in, perhaps, a skirt and floral top than I did when I started!
  2. April 18 – hoity-toity fund raiser luncheon with the “in” crowd – it is lots of fun, but, in the past, I’ve sat there feeling rather “toad-ish” compared to all the other ladies in their cute suits and dresses.
  3. April 27 – Charitable Club spring picnic – dogs invited too.  Shorts?  Maybe……
  4. June 7: Nephew’s HS graduation – a great opportunity to wear a cute sun dress.
  5. June 18:  “Baseball Bash” Industry Mixer – “who’s who” in my industry comes to this – including my clients, biggest competitors, and potential clients.  Lot’s of eating and “imbibing” – in the past I always felt uncomfortable “stuffing my face” in front of this crowd.
  6. July 30: Summer Mixer – again, an industry mixer where lots of good potential clients show up – it’s outside with a band and the weather is pretty warm- won’t it be fun to wear a nice sun dress?
  7. August 5: Industry Golf Tournament – Set up like a trade show where vendors have their “trade show booths” at the tee-off areas for each hole.  There is always a theme (i.e. Americana, Movies, Western) for the vendors to decorate their booths.  I am in a male dominated industry and usually a vendor or two have scantily clad women at their booths (one year “pirate ladies”) – makes me feel extra-large when they come up to our golf hole.
  8. Sept 7: Sprint triathlon – it goes without saying that I MUST stay on plan to accomplish this with some enjoyment.
  9. Sept. 28 – THE WEDDING!!!


P’s “Time Marches On” Events List — 6 Comments

  1. I love this, what a great plan. I am very excited for you to be looking forward to all these events instead of dreading them this year!

  2. I absolutely hate anything where I have to wear shorts. Summer is coming and I dread it. I thought I was doing well last year– I found a pair of shorts at the store that I thought looked good on me, but after several wearings, my husband so kindly told me that he didn’t like them. So I was back to square one.

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