Uncomfortable Situations

I’ve been realizing the past few weeks how many times my weight has made me feel extremely uncomfortable in situations. I’ve always been a “people person” and it’s sad that first and foremost, my weight is always the first thing I think of whenever any kind of meeting or event comes up. I am so tired of worrying about what I look like instead of just being able to enjoy the situation. Here’s a list of everything I dread because of my weight.

  1. Going to client meetings
  2. Meeting new clients or really, new people in general
  3. Seeing old friends or co-workers that I haven’t seen since I gained weight
  4. Any kind of outside event which involves wearing shorts or pants (this is so ridiculous as I would always be more comfortable in shorts or pants so instead, I don’t go to outside events anymore!)
  5. going out to eat – always depressed after as I feel that I’ve eaten too much or the wrong thing
  6. enjoying time with my husband – yes, the weight gets in the way, not for him but for me – I’m SO self-conscious when we are out together I am thinking that everyone is looking at us thinking, how is that guy with that fat woman. I know that’s not true but that’s where my mind goes. And forget about going to the beach together – no way I’m getting in a bathing suit!
  7. Having my picture taken and it being posted on facebook (a HUGE concern for me)

Bottom line, I am not enjoying my life as much as I should be. For years now, I have been bothered by this. I am thankful now to be on a plan that is working. I just need to be patient and I will get there : )



Uncomfortable Situations — 2 Comments

  1. You are so right – thanks for sharing! I, too, mostly dread many events because of my weight. That got me thinking about a new category to share here – “Time marches on _ that Event will come”……..

  2. It’s Sunday.. I like to go back and read the blog…..this is a really honest comment because it is how I feel….all the time….thank you for putting it out in the open. My Mother has always been on me about my weight so I have some personal problems…I don’t mean to be blaming her at all…I have an issue with it….that’s all. Thank you for letting me vent. I appreciate your thoughts. I have low self esteem…

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