D’s Sat 3.30 meals and goals for coming week


Breakfast – BLT in a bowl


Sister K joined me for lunch! I made a sauteed (in olive oil) scramble of green beans, bits of pepperoni, tomatoes, lentils, sprinkled with Emeril’s Italian Essence. Side salad of green leaf, kale, green olives with Trader Joe’s Champagne Vinaigerette. And three cucumber slices spread with Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese mixed with Trader Joe’s Mild Salsa. Was very good!


Afternoon snack – almonds, carrots with Trader Joe’s Artichoke Parmesan Spread for dip

Totally forgot to take a dinner pic which was a salad of romaine and tomatoes, Trader Joe’s Champagne Vinaigrette, topped with wild caught salmon (frozen filet from Whole Foods) with a bit of Trader Joe’s Seafood Cocktail Sauce on top. The sauce has no carbs but some sugar so went easy on it.

I successfully kept away from diet cokes last week.

This week, my goal is going to be to slow down and pay attention to what I’m eating. Usually I’m finished with my meal before my husband is even half way through. Which totally used to irritate me to the point that sometimes I’d fill my plate with seconds just to make our dinner together last longer! Then I would proceed to gobble down again hardly noticing the tastes of the different foods. He’s a very slow eater, so I’m going to try slowing down to match him bite for bite.

I’ve always heard that eating slower is better for you. In researching this, I came across the Slow Food website. One of their objectives is promoting food and taste education. Basically they define this as  training the senses to all aspects of food — from field to fork.


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  1. D- good point about tasting what you’re eating. Your choices of snack and meal combinations certainly look deserving of you noticing how they taste. I have been impressed so far on your creativity – I had always thought I was creative in salads and snacks, but I think you’ve topped it!

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