Great article in Outside Magazine “Your Fat Has a Brain. Seriously. And It’s Trying to Kill You”

Here’s a great article that is somewhat technical about how body fat and muscle work, and why your body fat wants to take over (it is NOT talking about eating fatty foods).

Excerpts from article (not in order found in article):

” … fat is best understood as a single huge endocrine gland, one that wields powerful influence over the rest of the body. …..”

“….  scientists have discovered that this so-called visceral fat infiltrates our vital organs, bathing them in a nasty chemical stew that wreaks havoc in the body. ….”

“…. fat may actually help accelerate the aging process. ……”

FAT IS STUBBORN, DEMANDING stuff. Much of the time it’s telling you to eat more, which is one reason why most attempts at dieting are doomed to fail. Our fat wants to keep us fat

“The reason was a hormone called leptin, which is produced by fat tissue. Ordinarily, leptin tells the brain, “Dude, we’re fat. It’s time to stop eating.” But the brains of obese people often become deaf to leptin, so they don’t get the message…But research has shown that exercise actually helps restore sensitivity to leptin. So his body knew when it was time to stop eating.”

“….. the only thing in his body that was powerful enough to fight [fat] off: muscle….”

“… ON JUNE 6, 2004, roughly a month after his grim diagnosis, Bruno did the one thing his doctor hadn’t prescribed: he went to a gym. …. He got himself aboard [a stationary bike] and managed to pedal for five minutes before he had to stop, wheezing and panting and feeling self-conscious. Yet he came back the next day and the next. Soon he could manage 30 minutes on the bike, leaving a bigger sweat puddle on the floor each time. He saw every drop as a blob of fat exiting his body, one tiny step toward his goal…”

” …. PHIL had kicked off a war for control of his body, with fat on one side and muscle on the other. ….. muscle is now known to be one of the most dynamic systems in the body; when it contracts, it undergoes huge changes at the cellular level. And its mortal enemy is fat.”

“…. In any sedentary, inactive person—including people who aren’t actually obese—fat invades the muscles, slipping in between muscle fibers like the marbling in Wagyu beef.”

On a strictly mechanical level, more fat means less muscle, which means fewer mitochondria, the cellular power plants that are most plentiful in muscle tissue. The majority of fat contains almost no mitochondria. This explains one of the nagging problems with obesity: the more fat you accumulate, the harder it becomes for your body to burn off that stored energy.”

Skeletal muscle is the organ that counteracts fat.””

There’s a growing body of evidence suggesting that healthy muscle may lead to a healthier liver, a healthier gut, a healthier pancreas, and a healthier brain…”


Great article in Outside Magazine “Your Fat Has a Brain. Seriously. And It’s Trying to Kill You” — 1 Comment

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