P’s Saturday’s 3.30 meals and a “look in the mirror” moment

Saturday was a good day with really tasty food:


Left over pasta-less lasagna round 2:


I had planned on volunteer work of driving 80 miles to a shelter to transport 3 Dobermans from the shelter in the desert to one of the commercial the kennels we use for our rescue program.  Working with the rescues always takes most of the day, so I planned ahead and took a small ice chest with simple items I could eat for a lunch-on-the-run: carrots, boiled eggs (I pre-pealed the eggs and remembered a salt shaker) and cans of carbonated water.  It worked out perfectly!:


It was a long day, and we got home about 5:30 – in the past when we’ve been out with the dogs all day, my loud “FEED ME NOW” appetite would take control and I’d eat chucks of cheese, peanuts, or whatever was in reach. (See previous post about how, before this plan, hunger felt uncontrollable)  Plus, the cold dark beer in a frosty pint glass was a must.

Though pretty hungry due to the light lunch, before I got to the driveway, I made the decision that I would walk a dog first.  So, I did that instead of running to the fridge for a beer an a snack.  It was such a nice evening, when I got back, I talked my husband into joining me for another walk of our other dogs.

Even so, I also made the conscience choice that I would let myself have the beer when I got done with the second walk – after all, with this plan, we are striving for overall lifestyle changes and not deprivation.  But, after the second walk and being with the shelter-turned-rescue dogs all day, I decided to take a quick shower, get into comfortable sweats and then enjoy my beer.

But,  after I disrobed to get in the shower, I glanced in the mirror and immediately said: “REALLY?” Do you really want to feed that body a beer right now?”

My answer was “no”.  So, in my “look in the mirror” moment, I made another conscience choice – I chose to forgo the beer.

But, dinner would not be done for a while because my husband had just put a tri-tip on the grill when we got done with the second walk (I think he was trying to make up for the tri-tip the dog ate a couple weeks ago). Usually, I would eat a snack while waiting, and also make a salad or other side dishes to eat with the meat when it is done.  This time, instead of eating a snack, I went ahead and made the salad and ate that while waiting for the meat to be done.  I made my all-time favorite salad:  Romaine, green bell peppers, onion, cheery tomatoes, (ran out of cukes), and a few kalamata olives – the dressing is simple – Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt, garlic powder, 1/4 fresh lemon squeezed, about 1 TBS olive oil, plus about 1 1/2  oz. feta cheese:


After enjoying the salad, I sliced up butternut squash, and placed it on a baking sheet, drizzled a little olive oil and salt, and baked at 360 for about 30 minutes while the tri-tip slow-cooked on the grill.  I got the idea for slicing and baking the squash from D’s post about how she prepared the eggplant for her Friday pizza.

After eating the salad, I had no trouble waiting to eat the meat and squash:



Here’s to the mirror!



P’s Saturday’s 3.30 meals and a “look in the mirror” moment — 1 Comment

  1. Oh, I like “look in the mirror” strategy. What a great way to discourage yourself from eating or drinking something you think is unhealthy right now. Beers will come in the future, no doubt and you will really enjoy them after working so hard to drink them in your skinny jeans : )

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