P’s Friday 4.26 Weigh In – Zero for me too – Workaholism and “mixing it up”

I too did not move on the scale this week.  The good news is that I am exactly the same as last week – meaning the 8.5 pounds are really still GONE.

I’ve been sloppy with my entire week.  I let work obligations take over my life, to the point of:

  1. Eating many snacks of nuts (and even cheese) – a little is OK, but with very late work nights, I was almost living on them for meals;
  2. Not taking pictures of what I eat;
  3. Choosing deli meats of primarily processed meat like bologna, instead of equally tasty turkey or lean ham;
  4. Skipping exercise when I was on a roll with the extremely enjoyable dog hikes;
  5. Staying up too late working and then not getting up when I wake up (3 mornings this week – though I only laid in bed fretting about 1 extra hour vs. two hours like before I started this plan).

This lifestyle is what I have done my entire adult life – this lifestyle is what has gotten me where I don’t want to be “Fat, Fifty and Fed Up”!

I’ve often described myself as being a “workaholic”, but never really researched what it meant.  There’s quite a bit out there, earning several cites on Wikipedia, for example:

“Workaholism in Japan is considered a serious social problem leading to early death, often on the job, a phenomenon dubbed karōshi. Overwork was popularly blamed for the fatal stroke of Prime Minister of Japan Keizō Obuchi, in the year 2000.[7]

In the U.S. and Canada, workaholism remains what it’s always been: the so-called “respectable addiction” that’s dangerous as any other.[8] “Workaholism is an addiction, an obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it’s not the same as working hard. Workaholic’s obsession with work is all-occupying, which prevents workaholics from maintaining healthy relationships, outside interests, or even take measures to protect their health.[8]

YIKE! time to start taking this seriously!

I also agree with D’s research about our bodies settling in to new programs and resisting fat loss – see article I posted before on your fat trying to kill you.  Specific to low carbing – I found this article on low carb plateaus.

Thus, I am starting a new “What Would Happen If” for the next few weeks: I will have one “carb” day a week where I eat carbs that I would choose if I were not on this plan to lose weight, and had reached my goal weigh.  I’ve read about this and actual “binge days” are advocated in the “slow carb diet” the  4-Hour Body.  Also, I remember seeing one of the trainers on Biggest Loser sharing a “training tip”  – eat higher calories now and then to keep your body’s metabolism in check (this is for a diet based on the calories-in/calories-out theory).

On the once-a-week binge day, the 4-Hour Body book advocates going crazy with lots of beer, wine, donuts, ice cream, pizza and any other totally non-nutritious food you want.  I tried the diet for a few weeks – and followed the binge day to the max – almost to the point of feeling ill – like the feeling you have after a large Thanksgiving dinner.  I felt like I had been hit by a truck the day after the first binge day – seriously, I was achy all over the next day – similar to a hang-over or the flu.  In the flowing weeks on my next few binge days, I didn’t overeat to the point of feeling bloated, but I did have things like pizza, mac-n-cheese and some high sugar items – I never felt very good the day after.

I didn’t lose but maybe a couple pounds after a few weeks on the 4-Hour Diet, and felt OK – even with the required beans or legumes at every meal.  I think even “slow carbs” i.e. the type from high fiber like beans, legumes, and oats, are not what I can eat right now for weight loss.  Thus, this was not a good overall plan for me.

One great thing about  the binge-day was that anytime I wanted a piece of fruit, or a beer, or even mac-n-cheese, it was easy to ignore that “want” because I could choose to have it the next binge day.

I use the word “want” here because I seldom have true “cravings” when I am low-carbing it.

So, in order to keep my body from “settling in” and my fat resisting my efforts, the next few weeks, I am going to try a “carb day” once a week.

D and I discussed this and decided that the carbs should be primarily from nutritious foods we like such as yogurt, oats, fruit, brown rice and other more nutritious foods, and not make it a total wipe-out binge of sugar-and-highly-processed-foods.  At times, I may have a couple items that are not super-nutritious (but, no cake until the Wedding), but I will have to see how it unfolds………..

If doing a “carb day” once a week allows weight loss of a consistent 1 to 2 pounds a week, then this will be as they say “icing on the cake” of an already really good eating plan for life!


P’s Friday 4.26 Weigh In – Zero for me too – Workaholism and “mixing it up” — 4 Comments

  1. These are some really good articles. I think it’s good to experiment – learning more and more about foods and what they do in the body!

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