D’s Sat 4.27 meals and my first 5K ever and the first “Time Marches On” event since starting diet

Today was a really fun day. I was up at 6 am to head out by 7 for my first ever 5k. I joined my sister, K, whose workplace had organized the event. We got there a little late (had to spend time admiring her new shoes) so we missed the beginning and went the wrong way. We caught up with the crowd halfway though and put ourselves almost at the end of the line and finished up with everyone else going the right way. We didn’t run, lots of people walked. It wasn’t a super intense race. Lots of fun though to be out and of course it goes really fast when you are catching up on sister talk.


Eaten in the car on the way to my sister’s house for the 5k – 1/4 cup cottage cheese, one strawberry, four brazil nuts


After the race, sister’s husband (renowned chef of the entire family clan) made us omelets with spinach, ham, onions and “fancy” mushrooms


The fancy mushrooms used in the omelets – forgot the names!

Lunch was a greens salad with the rest of the Fresh Market Bourbon Grilled Salmon from yesterday.

As the title of this blog post says, this was also the day of the first Time Marches On event that I’ve attended since P and I began this blog.

I had a new dress, new shoes and a new bag for the occasion. I also had some beautiful “sparkly” stockings that showed off my lower legs (my feet and my lower legs are my best physical features!). Well on the way out to the car, those sparkly stockings sprung a run that went the whole way down to my ankle. So my always-in-a-good mood husband and I made a detour to Macy’s and we ran in and I picked up a new pair. That made us about 1/2 hour late to the event but it was not a big deal.

I had a great time seeing and greeting people – pretty much no one has seen me since I’ve lost my first 10 pounds. I got a lot of compliments on my dress, and several women said, wow – you look great, you’ve lost weight! It sure was fun to have it noticed. My husband looked great too, we so rarely dress up. And, he’s lost about 10 pounds too – mostly from the two months we were experimenting by eating a vegan diet. He’s managed to keep it off.

Since the word “margarita” was part of the event title, I did have one and sipped it slowly as I visited with people. I completely skipped everything offered on all the roving appetizer trays.

We went to the food bars and here’s what was offered and what I ate:

Mediterranean – skipped the breads, hummus, and just ate the grilled vegetables

Almond Chicken Salad with Pita Bread – just ate the chicken salad

Lo Mein Noodles “To Go” cute little boxes of oriental noodles and foods – skipped

Cheese Proscuttio Wild Mushroom Ravioli – skipped

Carolina Pork BBQ Rolled in Onion Pancake – asked the server for just a scoop of the BBQ, no pancake

Fried Green Tomatoes – skipped

Three Cheese Mac – skipped

Louisiana Jambalaya with Rice – I spooned out one piece of chicken being sure not to get any rice

So my little plate was filled with the grilled veggies, chicken salad, bbq and one small piece of the jambalaya chicken. It was delicious, especially the bbq and was completely satisfying.

I also skipped the gourmet desert bar but did have some Starbuck’s coffee with real cream.





D’s Sat 4.27 meals and my first 5K ever and the first “Time Marches On” event since starting diet — 1 Comment

  1. Hey D – so nice to hear about your fun-filled day. Enjoying other’s company is what it’s all about! You did great at the Event and made all the right choices!

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