D’s Sat 5.6 meals and another “Time Marches On” event

Today was the second “Time Marches On” event since P and I started the plan. One of my clients invited my husband and me to her daughter’s wedding. I knew it was going to be beautiful and very special and was honored to be included on the guest list.

Although I was happy to be included, this is exactly the kind of event that I used to dread. Most of the time there, I knew, would be spent thinking how fat I must look and comparing myself to all the other women there. How sad, that I would have preoccupied myself with that instead of enjoying the evening. I also would have certainly overeaten since there is usually new foods to try and delicious roaming appetizers these days at weddings.


Breakfast – Hardboiled egg and tomato with ground up pepper and a drizzle of Trader Joe’s Champagne Vinaigrette Dressing


I found these Grass Fed Burgers at Trader Joe’s and was excited! They come already formed and are uncooked. So fry it up for an absolutely delicious burger.


I also found a bag of Chia seeds. I read online that Chia Seeds are the ‘It’ Food of 2013 so when I saw them, I grabbed a bag.


Lunch – I love ketchup on a burger patty but I thought it too much sugar not knowing what the event tonight had in store. Instead I added spicy mustard and then a tbsp of Trader Joe’s Chipotle Salsa. Very good combo. Side salad of bibb lettuce, baby kale sprinkled with chia seeds and Trader Joe’s Greek Style Feta Dressing


Snack – it was a rainy, rainy day so my husband and I spent the afternoon watching a movie. I had two cups of popcorn with a pat of butter and a Coke Zero. First diet soda in about a week or so.


Snack before leaving the wedding – I knew the reception was not until 7:00 and being wary of the predicited delicious roaming appetizers, I decided to eat a small salad of romaine, celery, sliced deli ham and Trader Joe’s Greek Feta Dressing

The wedding was wonderful! I did not spend the entire time thinking I was fat. I actually was more interested in picking good low carb choices to eat. All the food looked amazing. And some creative things I had not seen before. The roaming appetizers I ate were dates wrapped with bacon (ate one), small lamb chops (ate one), little grilled cheese sandwiches with small teacups of tomato soup (very cute and very tempting, I actually took one and then ended up giving the little sandwich to my husband. I took two very small sips of the tomato soup but by the time I had done that, I had let it get too cold so I skipped the rest). There were some other beautiful appetizers making the rounds and a huge cheese and fruit table but I skipped those.

The dinner stations were incredible. First I took a look around. Skipped the mashed potato bar and headed for the salad tables. Wonderful selection of veggies. I opted for lettuce, mushrooms, diced cucumbers with a creamy dressing and topped with a small piece of salmon. At the roast beef bar, I had a grilled zucchini.

It’s funny, I enjoyed looking at all the creative food but didn’t really crave any of it! And the choices I made kept me satisfied. The salmon was amazing – cooked to perfection.

We left before the cakes came out, mainly because I was getting pretty tired.

All in all, a successful day.

P.S. No exercise, except for walking around a lot in new high heels that hurt my feet : (


D’s Sat 5.6 meals and another “Time Marches On” event — 1 Comment

  1. So glad you were able to enjoy the event in ways you would not have in the past. Reflecting on how “the old you” would have viewed the event and, instead, having the “new you” make good choices throughout the day to avoid anticipated trouble is definitely the way to go!!

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