D’s Fri 5.17 and changing the way I think about food

First, quickly, what I ate because I really want to talk about the change that is happening because of this plan.

We have visitors this weekend – my husband’s aunt and two of his cousins – so I wasn’t good about taking pics today. For breakfast, I had two scrambled eggs and 1/2 banana. After not eating fruit for so long, this banana was delicious. Very sweet, as satisfying as a big muffin which I used to eat almost every morning before starting the plan.


Lunch was a salad of various greens, celery and radish and leftover roasted chicken breast. Paul Newman’s Balsamic Vinaigrette for the dressing.

Dinner – husband and two cousins went to a ball game so Aunt and I had burgers from the local hamburger place – mine was sans bun, added sauteed mushrooms and onions with a cesar salad side salad, no croutons.

Snacks – 1. two deli slices and two pieces of cheese with mustard, 2. handful of peanuts

No exercise today.

Changing the way I think… I feel that I’m waking up from a lifelong food ignorance.

As I’ve continued on the plan, I’ve become really interested in the whole low carb way of eating. I’ve been researching like crazy and learning so much about nutrition and foods.

I started listening to a podcast called Dishing Up Nutrition. It’s a free podcast that you can download and I highly recommend listening to it. Basically they promote healthy eating, in particular whole foods. And on every podcast they explain how the way you eat affects every aspect of how you are feeling. Last week, I listened to a podcast with the author of Wheat Belly. I am going to order this book for sure. Written by a cardiologist who wrote the book because of his experiences with his heart patient, it explains why wheat and grains of today (ALL grain products) are radically different from grains as eaten in past history. How the actual composition has been altered to such a degree from extreme processing that it is no longer beneficial for human beings to eat.

Another book I read recently is Food Rules. I’ve had this book for years and just never picked it up.

Bottom line – whole foods. Whole, not processed, no altering. Clean and simple foods the way they come in nature.

This is the way I want to eat from now on. And if I eat this way, I know that my body will be the best in can be – in feeling and the way it looks. So I’m becoming less worried about what the scale says, less worried about what should I be eating, less worried about my health, less worried about the way I look to other people.

Because of this plan (which I am so very thankful P and I started a few months ago), I know without a doubt, my final weight will end up being what it should be on the scale, I know what to eat now, my health will be the best it can be and I will NOT care what I look like to other people because I will be happy with myself.

I can’t wait to get to my goal – but I can be patient because I’m seeing the weight come off slowly but surely. I have finally found something that works. Eating whole, unprocessed, nutritious foods seems so obvious now, it makes me shake my head and wonder, why haven’t I gotten this before?

Oh yeah, those jeans ARE going to be fitting very soon now!


D’s Fri 5.17 and changing the way I think about food — 7 Comments

  1. Great post and so true! I feel crappy today and didn’t sleep well last night due to bad carb overload yesterday….. I plan to keep it clean and simple today!

  2. I know what you mean – Thursday after I had my monthly Starbucks Cafe Mocha, I had a bad headache the rest of the evening up until I went to bed. That drink has a lot of carbs!

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