D’s Mon 5.27 meals


Breakfast – two turkey sausage links (Applegate brand, they also make good hotdogs, see P’s post), one scrambled egg, Whole Foods Tailgate Slaw


Lunch – iceberg and romaine lettuces, cucumber, Boar’s Head deli ham and a new pepper jack cheese that I found that comes from grass fed cows. I’ll get some more next time I am at Whole Foods and post the brand name.

Dinner was an excellent chicken dish that I found on the website of the people who do the podcast “Dishing Up Nutrition.” I love this podcast. You can listen to it on their website or get the app which is what I have. I listen to it when I’m walking.

I forgot to take a pic but I wish I had because it was good. My husband loved it too. I’ll be making it again, so next time I’ll be sure to photograph the steps.

Cowgirl Ranch Chicken in a Crockpot

Put chicken in a crockpot. The original recipe calls for chicken legs but I think you can really use any chicken parts. (I cut up two organic chicken breasts.)

Add 1/2 cup Annie’s Cowgirl Ranch Dressing

Cook on low 4 to 5 hours. That’s it! But you can add other things too. I added organic mushrooms and onions.

Snacks today: 1. handful of peanuts, 2. deli ham wrapped around 1 slice pepper jack cheese

Exercise today: 4 mile walk

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