P’s Tues. 5.28 Meals and the “New Me” runs on autopilot

I had an extremely busy day, which the “old me” would have used as an excuse to eat whatever she wanted.  But, the “new me” had on-plan food readily available.  I didn’t even think about the “old me” habits until I was looking at my  photos of what I ate today and realized that I stayed on-plan despite how crazy of a day I had!

I even took 45 minutes this evening to do a dog-hike on a medium difficulty neighborhood trail.

Maybe the new habits I am forming are starting to run on autopilot!

I did well with my carb goals with 16.04 grams of carbs.


Breakfast was an Applegate Hotdog with 1 oz melted Fontina Cheese:


Lunch was a reheated left-over burger with 1 slice American Cheese with 1 TBS of Ranch Dressing for dipping – I forgot to take a picture, but it was very satisfying.

Afternoon snack was 1/2 sliced cucumber sprinkled with regular salt and pepper.  It was a really good snack despite how simple it was:


For dinner I experimented with the arugula that I bought at the Farmer’s Market.  The other day I researched that you can cook it as you would spinach or any other greens.  So, I sautéed 6 cups of it with 2 oz of Pepperoni.  I intended to make enough for two, but the portions were small since the 6 cups shrinks up a lot!  It cooked up fast and was really tasty – the unique flavor of the arugula mellows a little bit when cooked.  I think I like pepperoni better with other types of vegetables, so I will have to try other combinations with the arugula.  A couple months ago I would never have thought that I would be experimenting with cooked vegetables!

For the main dish I heated up a left-over chopped up pork-chop in cream sauce from the other night:





P’s Tues. 5.28 Meals and the “New Me” runs on autopilot — 3 Comments

  1. Me too, great job. Habits are hard to break but you just proved that you can change them with patience and sticking to a plan!

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