P’s Friday 5.31 Weigh in – 1.5 pounds GONE – Total 12 pounds

It seems monitoring the carbs has gotten me off my plateau!



P’s Friday 5.31 Weigh in – 1.5 pounds GONE – Total 12 pounds — 4 Comments

  1. Congrats, P!

    I have found myself getting caught up in the “busy trap”, too – especially with two intense weeks of working full time, evening classes every day(!), and oh yeah wedding planning :)

    You’ve shared some great tips on how to plan ahead and keep on track. I just made up a meal plan and shopping list to get me through another busy week in a much more balanced way than all the granola bars I ate this week….

    • Good comment, M. I agree P & D have given us great tips on how to plan ahead… I’m guilty of the “busy trap” myself during the day if I don’t plan ahead….

    • Hi M! Thanks for the encouragement! You are so smart getting a grip on handling a very busy schedule while you are (relatively) young. Establishing these habits now will give you a lifetime of good health and happiness. I am glad I realized how much planning ahead and being in control of what I eat enhances my life before I wasted any more time and energy being disappointed with myself. Thanks for having the wedding – it was the catalyst for D and me to get going on our healthier lives……….

  2. Fantastic! Woo hoo! That’s great, congratulations : ) Very happy for you, can’t wait til next weekend to see ya!

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