P’s Wed. 5.29 and Thurs. 5.30 Meals

The week has not let up, but I had absolutely no desire to stray off plan.

I’ve achieved 7 days of really watching the carbs and feel better than ever and very excited about this weight continuing to come off.  Someone told me today that I look like I’ve lost weight and I find myself almost preaching to people what a great plan this is!

Meals Wed:  14.94 g carbs

Breakfast was an Applegate hotdog with 1 oz melted Fontina cheese (no picture)

Lunch was a burger with melted American cheese with 1 TBSP ranch for dipping, and 1/2 cuke slices with salt and pepper (yes, I’ve eaten a lot of burgers this week)


We went to Chilli’s for dinner after working late.  I ordered a Ribeye steak with a side salad with blue cheese instead of the mashed potatoes and steamed veggies.  I gave the garlic bread to my husband – I had to resist a little there because I LOVE Chili’s garlic bread slices.



Thursday Meals:  Total Carbs 12.44

I took no photos of meals.

I had an Applegate hotdog for breakfast with 1 oz melted Fontina cheese

I gave a lunch-time seminar, and totally ignored the sandwiches, chips, cookies and soda.  I almost used the word “resisted” instead of “ignored”, but that implies fighting off an urge and I felt no such urge to eat these items!

There were about 30 people in the class.  Here is a picture of what it looked like when we were setting up.  I took a picture because I was trying to get a feel for what our training room will look like in our new offices, which will be like this half that’s shown of this room – but with a more stylish and chic décor.


When I got back to the office, I nuked a burger with melted America Cheese and 1 TBS Trader Joe’s Greek Feta Salad Dressing for dipping (the Ranch is better for dipping).

We didn’t feel like cooking after a long, hard day, so I snacked on Boar’s Head Pepperoni and bologna.

Hhhhmmmm – no greens today – I better double up on vitamins tomorrow!


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