P’s Week of food Sun 6.2 to Sun 6.9 – Time Marches on Events – Weigh-in on original scale shows 14 pounds lost!

This was a week of travel, so I had distractions with keeping up with taking pictures and blogging.

I also, apparently, took the week off in counting the exact carbs.

So, I will give the week summary:

Sunday, I started the day off right by making a crust-less quiche, but I added bacon, which gave it a great taste, one of our dogs even thought it smelled good as I put it together:





We had a late lunch and I grilled chicken, and served it with Romaine lettuce, chard, slivered almonds, and Trader Joe’s pear gorgonzola champagne dressing.


I stayed up late working and had 2 oz cheese and then a slice of crust-less quiche.



Monday (6.3) , I had to fly to Sacramento for a “Time Marches On” event (not in my original list).  I went up with professionals in the construction industry to speak to state representatives about issues facing our industry.  I felt pretty good being 12 pounds lighter and felt I looked better in the suits I was wearing.  I had a César salad at the airport for lunch, but, the afternoon and night brought way more alcohol drinking than I had planned – a couple beers, and then VERY fine wine.  I was able to skip the appetizers and bread and dessert at dinner and kept to the slices of tri tip and salad.  But, later than night, I did weaken (from) the alcohol, and ate a can of mini Snickers’ bars.  In the morning, I felt really bad – I attribute it to mostly the Snickers bars given that I haven’t had sugar for several weeks.

The view of the pool and lounge area was good from my room (even though I didn’t spend much time there):


Tuesday (6.4)After showering, I bounced back quickly and ate two scrambled eggs for breakfast, Buffet chicken breast with steamed veggies for lunch.  Then, I had a later flight back, so ate a grilled burger with blue cheese and mushrooms and a side salad at the airport – which was really good.


Wednesday (6.5), I flew to Florida for a nephew’s graduation, and grabbed a cobb salad at the airport to eat on the plane, and it was NOT good:



Once in Florida, I ate some roast beef my other-in-law had prepared, plus about 2 oz cheese.

At my mother-in-law’s place, the turtle decided to try out the cat’s food, much to the dismay of the cat:


Thursday (6.6) morning I ate spinach crust-less quiche my mother-in-law had made since this is a staple in her diet ever since I made it for her.

For lunch we went to Sonny’s BBQ, and I ate sliced pork (which was good), green beans and broccoli (neither of which were good).


My sis and bro-in-law rented a beach house for us all to stay in, so we went shopping and I bought good stuff that I like to cook.  We went to the graduation that evening, but it was casual and I did not buy a sundress to wear.  I’m OK with that since I’ll have plenty if time to get some really cute clothes as I continue to lose fat.

After the graduation, when we got back to the beach house, I served snacks of Boar’s Head pepperoni, and Vermont white aged cheddar and we grilled up some burgers and I made sautéed veggies with pepperoni, all of which was well received despite no bunds for the burgers!


Friday morning (6.7) I made crust-less quiche for everyone with sausage instead of spinach.  Some people had seconds.


For lunch I ate two Boar’s head hotdogs, with melted Boar’s Head cheddar cheese and sliced up cukes and tomatoes with salt and pepper.


For dinner we went out and I ate the house salad, which had an excellent homemade salad dressing – a lot of fresh garlic.  I ordered stuffed grouper with champagne cream sauce, but even though the menu said the stuffing was made of shrimp, crab and scallops, when I tasted it, it clearly had breading in it, so I gave my stuffing to my mother-in-law and husband.



At the beach house, one of my bro and sis-in-law’s dogs is so obsessed with balls, that he’ll lie on his back and he won’t give up the ball even with a piece of pepperoni on his nose:


Saturday, I didn’t eat breakfast because I headed up to may parents’ house and met up with D and my other two sisters.  D brought the scale on which I did my first weigh-in and I weighed myself on the scale and saw that I weighed 14,3 pounds less than when I started!  Not believing what I saw, I weighed myself again the next morning, and even moved the scale around the bathroom to make sure it was not a fluke – and, yes, I still showed a 14 pound loss!!!!

Saturday lunch I ended up having a chicken cobb salad at Panera after having to return the steak salad due to onion frizzles and rare beef.


For dinner, I made the family the Perfected Zuppa Toscana, while D made her eggplant pizza and a side salad.  The meal was met with rave reviews (the pizzas were fantastic) and this, along with D and my weight loss (and energy) convinced a couple more family members to try this plan – sister L and Dad.


Mom eats well already and does not need to lose weight, but she committed to helping Dad try the plan to see how it makes him feel.  D and I hope he stays true to the plan at least for a couple weeks to see if he loses his aches and pains the way D and I have.

For dessert, I whipped heavy cream and added two packets of diet hot chocolate for a light moose-like treat.

Sunday (6.9), I made everyone crust-less quiche with spinach and sausage.


We went shopping before lunch and I bought a really cute skirt that I would never have tried on before I lost this weight.  Several other things looked cute on me, and Debbie saw the same thing, but we held off buying them  (they weren’t on sale), deciding that we can’t just buy clothes because they fit nice and look cute – it’s something that we’ll have to get used to looking good in clothes as the weight comes off and we can’t buy EVERYTHING!

For lunch, we made sautéed lunch with egg plant, fresh green beans, mini bell peppers, onions, pepperoni and feta cheese.  Again, just as suspected, the family loved it.  (Forgot to take a picture).

Dinner was pan fried burgers, with caramelized onions and blue cheese broiled on top, and D’s collard greens.  We enjoyed it all.


I whipped up some more cream, but this time added sugar free Jell-O pudding.  It tasted pretty good and was creamy, but seems to not get very cold in the fridge.

So, there is my week.

I am looking forward to seeing L and Dad enjoy this plan while losing weight and feeling great!




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