Some must haves for me

Finally power back on this morning so I had house things to do! Cleaning out the fridge was one big thing on the list. Luckily I had postponed grocery shopping so there weren’t too many throw outs. After stocking back up, I thought it would be helpful to post a photo of some of the things I’ve found since starting this blog and that now have become staples that are helpful to have on hand.


Pictured left to right you have:

  • Publix Peanuts – just peanuts.
  • Trader Joe’s Haricort Verts – both P and I love these
  • Trader Joe’s Mild Cheddar Cheese Snack Sticks
  • Lemons and limes – a squirt or two on anything goes a long way
  • 0 carb organic mayo from Trader Joe’s
  • 0 carb organic German mustard from Whole Foods
  • Frozen Grass Fed burgers from Trader Joe’s (already made up into patties so super easy to cook)
  • Wild Planet pole caught Skipjack Light Tuna – so mild, you can throw it on salads without mixing it with mayo
  • Champagne Vinaigrette from Trader Joe’s. I like this one off the shelf and P likes this Champagne Pear Viniagrette from Trader Joe’s that you can find in the refridgeratored section.
  • Trader Joe’s Greek Style Feta Dressing

A few other things I always have on hand include eggs, pepperoni, extra virgin olive oil and butter. If you’ve found other things great to have on hand, please share them in the comments. I know P will have some to add!


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