D’s Fri June 21 Weigh Day and why the turtle won the race

Only .3 pounds lost this week and because the last few weeks have gone really slow in the weight-losing category, I’ve decided to NOT be disappointed but to do some research on weight loss on low carb diets and on a larger topic, the whole concept of why the turtle does win the race. And why it can be difficult to stay the course on anything that takes a continued effort over a long period of time.

First, a couple of excerpts from an article I found at psychologytoday.com:

To Gain, Teach Yourself to Think Differently

If you are like many, you hadn’t thought through what you would do when you come to a crossroad between continuing and circumventing. However, by thinking about your thinking, feelings, and actions, you may see points in a behavioral procrastination cycle where you can act to change the pattern.

So what is helping me push through these times of platuea or slow weight loss? Instead of following some pre-made “diet”, ie Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc. I am creating my own way of thinking about myself and what works for me. When it comes to dieting, this is a new way of thinking for me resulting in a slower journey, one that requires patience and diligence. But I can see that for me, finally it is a way of thinking that will allow me to win the race, so to speak.

Fantasies can feel fulfilling. What you wish to do can happen in a twinkle. However, most worthy accomplishments require sweat equity.

Because of my career experiences and in raising children and even in maintaining friendships and a good marriage, I know this to be true! I’ve just never really applied the concept to my own diet and health. Everything requires hard work and diligence. There is simply no way around it.

Dr. Carson Chow, a mathematician who’s analyzed obesity and weight loss data in the U.S. explains, “It actually takes about three years for a dieter to reach their new “steady state.” Carson’s analyses conclude that “Weight change, up or down, takes a very, very long time. All diets work. But the reaction time is really slow: on the order of a year.” Sticking with a new regime, then, through ups and downs, lapses and all, still adds up to change.

Read more from Psychology Today here.

And when it comes to the pound or two ups and downs on a low carb diet, I read through many sites and forums and learned that it is very common. This answer summed it up best,

To answer your question directly, those weight fluctuations are very common ESPECIALLY on a low carb diet. Its normal for me to swing a few pounds a day based on hydration, water retention and solid foods in my body. So when you add in the increased glycogen retention you are capable of on a low carb diet, these swings are more pronounced. Your main benchmark will be the mirror and how your clothes fit. The scale can be misleading, and while you want to see a downward trend, it won’t tell the whole story.

So on to next week, this turtle is staying in the race!


D’s Fri June 21 Weigh Day and why the turtle won the race — 2 Comments

  1. Hey D – it seems like you’ve already won this race – at least mentally. You’re merely waiting for the medal!!!

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