D’s Friday Weigh Day 6.28 – 1/2 pound gone! and a week with no sugar

Whew, 1/2 pound gone after a few weeks of not losing sure felt good this morning! I have not been diligent in updating my food journal lately however I have been tracking everything on My Fitness Pal. In a way, it ended up being a good test for me in that I stuck with the plan even though I haven’t been posting pics. But I will start taking pics and posting again with my meals today.

I am on the second to the last day without sugar … well, almost no sugar. It is very difficult to cut all sugar as it shows up in some foods that were surprising to me. So I am adjusting my expectations as I won’t be able to cut it completely out. For example, white and red balsamic vinegars are something I use to add flavor – both of which have small amounts of sugar.

Here’s how my week went according to my log on My Fitness Pal. However most of these sugars are from vegetables, for example french cut green beans is listed as having 2 grams of sugar.

Saturday – 12 grams

Sunday – 17 grams

Monday – 12 grams

Tuesday – 8 grams

Wednesday – 10 grams

That’s 59 grams of sugar over 5 days.

Not bad considering the average American consumes¬† a whopping 765 grams of sugar every 5 days! That’s according to this article in Forbes. So this was an interesting test week for me because I guess not all sugar is bad especially if it is coming from veggies. Being curious, I added some foods from the old D’s way of eating to see how many sugars were listed. These would be the minimum as I’m not counting all the other things I’d eat during a typical day.

Muffin with morning coffee – 40 to 50 grams

Two slices of bread on a sandwich – 50 grams

Afternoon cookie or cupcake – 20 to 30 grams

With just a few times, I was getting at least 100 grams there and that’s in one day.



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