P’s Time Marches On Update

Here is what I had written on my “Time Marches on Events” and I’ve included how I felt at the events:

  • April 13 – Annual Evening Fund Raiser – not formal this year (whew) but a “Jimmy Buffet” theme instead, so it’s “Island Attire” according to the invite – At least I’ll look better in, perhaps, a skirt and floral top than I did when I started!   I wore white pants and a tank top with one of my husband’s Hawaiian shirts tied around my waste – I felt good about myself, though still not wearing a cute skirt!
  • April 18 – hoity-toity fund raiser luncheon with the “in” crowd – it is lots of fun, but, in the past, I’ve sat there feeling rather “toad-ish” compared to all the other ladies in their cute suits and dresses.  I was able to wear a silk skirt that finally fit again – had fun and even felt a little “chic”.
  • April 27 – Charitable Club spring picnic – dogs invited too.  Shorts?  Maybe…… No shorts, but one club member mentioned it looked like I had lost weight.  Jeans were loose enough to be comfortable.
  • June 7: Nephew’s HS graduation – a great opportunity to wear a cute sun dress.  Still no sun dress, but weighed in with D at my parents and we had a great “low carb” cooking fest all weekend long.  Went shopping for the first time in a long time and D and I actually enjoyed it because so many things fit.  I ended up buying a cute skirt.
  • June 18:  “Baseball Bash” Industry Mixer – “who’s who” in my industry comes to this – including my clients, biggest competitors, and potential clients.  Lot’s of eating and “imbibing” – in the past I always felt uncomfortable “stuffing my face” in front of this crowd.  This got moved to an earlier date, so I missed it when in Florida for my nephew’s graduation and visiting D and the family.


Here’s what’s left on the original list – I’ll leave it as is and check in after each one!

  1. July 30: Summer Mixer – again, an industry mixer where lots of good potential clients show up – it’s outside with a band and the weather is pretty warm- won’t it be fun to wear a nice sun dress?
  2. August 5: Industry Golf Tournament – Set up like a trade show where vendors have their “trade show booths” at the tee-off areas for each hole.  There is always a theme (i.e. Americana, Movies, Western) for the vendors to decorate their booths.  I am in a male dominated industry and usually a vendor or two have scantily clad women at their booths (one year “pirate ladies”) – makes me feel extra-large when they come up to our golf hole.
  3. Sept 7: Sprint triathlon – it goes without saying that I MUST stay on plan to accomplish this with some enjoyment.
  4. Sept. 28 – THE WEDDING!!!


P’s Time Marches On Update — 1 Comment

  1. Great update. The plan is working! And it is motivating to read this and then review my own list to see the change in emotions and feelings when attending the Time Marches On events. When I read this list of yours, it sure makes every cupcake, pasta dish, shrimp po boy, etc. skipped worth it – to be able to go to an event feeling good instead of worrying about how fat I look.

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