P’s What Would Happen If – I did not weigh myself during the month of July? (a.k.a. Escaping from Scale Jail)


All along, the main point of this blog and changing unhealthy habits is to make us in control of the food we eat – what, when, where, and how it’s prepared – instead of food controlling us like it had been before:

  • Letting  that screaming hunger take over;
  • Using food to reward ourselves instead of using it to nourish us;
  • At every event – lamenting over what we “can” and “can’t” eat instead of what we choose and choose not to eat;
  • And above all, always, always, always, having in the back of our minds “I’m fat and wish I wasn’t (and I hope nobody notices).”

Almost as powerful as food’s control over our thoughts (or perhaps more powerful) is the scale’s effect on our mood.

I can have a terrific on-plan week and feel light and feel that I definitely lost weight – clothes are looser, I feel energetic and great – and BOOM – the scale doesn’t move.  What a bummer!

Likewise – if it shows a gain even when it may be expected – I’m in a funk.

Even more distracting to me right now is that I currently weigh what I did about 3 years ago as I was starting to gain, but now I look fatter and clothes that fit back then are still too tight right now.  While I can finally get a skirt or pants to (more or less) zip up, my whole stomach area and sides flap over the belt lines and I still can’t actually wear these clothes.   That may sound a bit graphic, but it’s true.


Though I’ve heard it all my life, I never really experienced it – muscle DOES weight more than fat.  When I was at this weight before, my weight was climbing up from a period in time when I had been working out in the gym with weights at least a couple times a week and doing something aerobic also a couple times a week.  It wasn’t much compared to other times in my life, but perhaps it was enough to at least slow the buildup of flabby fat.  Fast forward to three months ago – I had not regularly worked out in at least 2 years – not even close to it – no wonder I started off this plan with much more flab and fat than I had the last time I was at this weight.

Thus, I’ve concluded that I look fatter and am physically larger at the same weight as I was three years ago because of the higher ratio of fat to muscle!  Thus, weighing myself each week is nowhere near a good indicator of my overall success with this plan.


Unless I stop being captive by what the scale says, I will never be truly following what my body and clothes are telling me is my “proper” weight.

So – No More!  Just like we’ve learned to live sugar free, I will learn to live scale-free – at least for the month of July!


P’s What Would Happen If – I did not weigh myself during the month of July? (a.k.a. Escaping from Scale Jail) — 1 Comment

  1. Great post, going by what our bodies and clothes tell us is the proper weight is a much healthier approach – both physically and mentally. I want a get out of scale jail free card too! So I will join you in this challenge. I have weighed myself every day probably since about age 10 so I am strangely excited about being free from it. Everyone, stay tuned for our next weigh in on August 1st!

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