D’s Sat 6.29 meals and a renewed plan for exercise

After reading P’s post about escaping from scale jail, I’ve decided to take another look at some of ways I think about being healthy. One is my attitude about exercise and not taking it seriously. I know because I’ve experienced it countless times, I simply feel better when I exercise every day. Yet, it is often the first thing in a busy day that gets pushed to the bottom of the to do list. Yes, I do a nice 3 to 4 mile walk most days but instead of fast walking to music like I used to do, I’ve slowed the pace way down because I now listen to podcasts and books – ironically all health related. Walking to music kept my pace up because of course, you start going with the beat of the music. Years ago, I had deliberately added upbeat faster music to my iphone library for just that purpose. I’ve gotten a little tired of the playlist so it’s time to get some new tunes and save the ipods and book listening for bedtime.

I’ve also been sporadic about the weights and swimming. It’s totally hot here now so there is no excuse for not swimming some every day – since I just have to walk into my backyard. I’m lucky enough to have my own pool for heaven’s sake. And I’ve got a nice weight set up at home too. And a dusty but perfectly fine bicycle in the garage.

So for the month of July, not only will I give up the scale, I’ll commit to at least one hour daily of exercise.

Now for my meals:


Breakfast – one Applegate’s sausage patty, one egg scrambled, 1/3 serving of Good Foods Made Simple Steel Cut Oats (9 g of carbs for 1/3 serving). These oats taste like grits to me so I melted a piece of cheddar cheese on them for my version of “cheesy grits.” I make them on Saturdays so my husband can eat the rest of them. Also had some baby spinach with a splash of Trader Joe’s Champagne Vinaigrette Dressing.

Lunch – huge green salad with deli turkey and Whole Foods 365 Blue Cheese Dressing. I got the ingredients today at Whole Foods to make some more of my own dressing which I’ll do tomorrow. After a week of eating mine, this blue cheese dressing tasted very sweet although it only lists 1 gram of carbs. 6.29-lunch

Dinner – I really wish I had taken a photo of my dinner but I totally forgot. I decided to do a Mexican themed dinner so I found a recipe for beef enchiladas. Instead of stuffing corn tortillas, I decided to use green peppers. So I browned about 2/3 pounds of grass-fed hamburger meat that I had bought at Whole Foods with plenty of cut up Vidalia onions. When that was done cooking, I added Frontera Green Chili Enchilada Sauce and let it simmer. I cleaned out two bell peppers and boiled them whole until soft. Then I put them in a baking dish, stuffed with the meat/onion/sauce mixture. I covered it all with a shredded Fiesta cheese mixture of pepper jack and cheddar cheeses. Then baked it at 375° for about 15 to 20 minutes. It was delicious and had the exact Mexican flavor I was looking for. Actually, just about any kind of Mexican dish can still work great substituting some kind of vegetable “holder” of the ingredients instead of taco shells or tortillas. My husband loved it too and didn’t miss the tortillas. I served it with some Firecracker Slaw that I had found at Whole Foods. Minimal carbs in the slaw.

Snacks today – one handful of peanuts, celery sticks with cream cheese

Exercise – none! Hence the earlier renewed commitment moving forward.


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  1. Hey D, you are so right about the exercise! You’ve got to get the heart rate up, break a sweat and challenge those muscles for it to do some good. I also know that as the weight comes off, you’ll enjoy summer more – what with the ability to wear skimpy clothes and all…….won’t that be nice? I’m with you on this one too!

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