P’s True Confession – I am NOT mature enough to have chocolate around and feeling like a fool

Last week I posted with my meals that I bought 72% cocoa chocolate so that I could enjoy it a square at a time like D does.  I wondered if I was “mature” enough to have it in the house without eating too much of it.

I found that I am not (yet)!

I had one one square the first night, and then none the second night – so far so good right?

As the week went on, my resolve weakened when I worked several nights in a row very late.

Also, I told my self I was “too busy” to exercise and began work at my computer between 5:30 and 6 each morning.

NOT having offices to go to yet has skewed me a bit by me thinking I have to be working right when I sit down at my home computer since my home computer is temporarily now also my office computer.

So, back to the chocolate.

On Sunday I had one square since I resisted on Saturday.

Then, I started thinking about it every evening just because it was there.  I feel like a fool when my brain does this – I REALLY should be mature enough to NOT let any food control my thoughts.

But, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and apparently, a lifestyle change is not built in a matter of a few months.

On Monday I had one square, then working late Tuesday night, I ended up having 3 squares.

Strangely, Wednesday I had the first migraine I had had since this plan began – was it the chocolate?

So, Wednesday and Thursday I had no chocolate, but Friday night, after a long week, I “treated” myself to one, and then, because I could not stop thinking about it, I ate the remaining 3 squares over the course of the night vegging out with mindless TV.

I told myself it’s best to just get rid of the temptation – but, if that’s the case, why not just throw it away?

There’s where the lack of maturity comes in ….

In a month or so, I’ll try it again.

As a side note – I did NOT have a headache Saturday morning despite eating 4 squares Friday night!




P’s True Confession – I am NOT mature enough to have chocolate around and feeling like a fool — 1 Comment

  1. This is what happened to me a few weeks ago with peanuts and a few weeks before that with ice cream. It does make you feel frustrated to NOT have control over the food. But as you correctly state – Rome wasn’t built in a day! And remember – all those suits are fitting now!!!

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