P’s update on a “Time Marches On Event” – Rockabilly Rampage


One of a more significant “Time Marches On” events happened Monday, 8.5:

The largest trade group in our industry has an annual golf tournament run on two courses at a time. This was the 74th annual event.  About 300 contractors golf and vendors set up trade-show booths at each of the tee-off areas on each hole.  This is the only trade show that my office participates in.

Each year there is an over-all theme to the golf tournament and they encourage the vendors to decorate their booths to go along with the theme.

Last year the theme was “Americana” and our office designed our booth in a Tom Sawyer theme.  We had Huck Fin’s cabin and “Fishin’ Hole” and we all dressed up in period garb.  I was Becky Thatcher and wore this prairie woman’s dress and a wig of blond braids.  At the time, being of large body, I was more than happy to wear a dress that covered up most of me.  Unfortunately, it is hot out there on the course and I was pretty uncomfortable.  Plus, there is really no way to “cover up” a large body as the photos from the event quickly revealed.

I vowed at that point to be much smaller by the next tournament and wear something cute.

Luckily, we started this life-change when we did, because, without it, I was heading toward that terrible place of dreading what should be a very fun event.

This year, the theme was “Music”.  The creative brains at my office immediately chose “Rockabilly Rampage” as the theme for our booth.

OK – so what is Rockabilly? I had heard of it, but not really known exactly.   It’s the very early precursor to rock and roll, and a mix of country, blues, and rock from the early 1950’s.  Elvis was the most famous, and the Stray Cats picked up the style in the 1980’s.

Next question – what do “Rockabilly” women wear?  Mostly halter-top dresses – REALLY good thing I changed my style of eating when I did.  Here is the dress I bought and wore – I got a medium and it fit fine:


I borrowed cool shoes from a young friend who is totally into this fashion (high-heeled animal print with a bow), I got a music-themed Rockabilly necklace, and had a headband with a bow, plus cat-eye sunglasses with rhinestones.

IMG_20130811_091410_841 IMG_20130811_091605_963

Needless to say – I had a blast and even had two comments that my outfit was “quite a change” from last year.  Plus, I did not die of heat!

When I was putting together my outfit the night before, I tried on my prairie lady dress from last year – YIKES.  It was HUGE.  Thankfully, there is no way I could wear it now!!!

Though I am not yet done with losing and getting myself mentally and physically where I want to be, I can’t express how happy I was to have been able to legitimately pull off this outfit and, for once, enjoy the event instead of obsessing over what I “wish” I could be wearing!


P’s update on a “Time Marches On Event” – Rockabilly Rampage — 2 Comments

  1. The dress is so cute! I love the jewelry and shoes too. What a difference a year makes – from old baggy prairie dress to total cuteness!

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