D’s Sat 8.17 meals and a Time Marches On event

I am on the Board of a non-profit that is “nature” oriented. I’ve often been a little frustrated volunteering for the events we have because somehow being fat didn’t quite go with the image of outdoorsy, nature, etc. in my mind. Today was the big yearly event and I had volunteered (with confidence this year) so it was a fun day in many ways. The shifts are long, mine ended started at 8 and was to end at noon (or so I thought). I ate a good breakfast of a hard boiled egg and last night’s grilled chicken made into an egg/chicken salad “un-sandwhich”.breakfast-8.18

I was pretty sure I could make it till the end of my shift without getting hungry but I decided to prepare a just-in-case snack. That was also because I knew that there would be plenty of food vendors at the event and I didn’t want to be tempted by any of the good smells coming from their stands. Once noon rolled around, I found out that I had read wrong, my shift didn’t end til 1:00. I was pretty hungry so I was definitely thankful that I had made my snack! Almonds, blueberries and tiny crumbles of a chocolate coconut bar got me through.

snack-8.17 Once home, I made a huge green salad with cut up chicken and took a nap! Then for dinner, my husband cooked some pork chops and more salad.

For so long my weight has kept me from enjoying days like today. The old D would have been quite distressed once she showed up to this event, since I ended up as one of the “greeters”. But today, I gladly accepted the job – and felt just fine greeting people in my shorts and event tee shirt – with a sized medium fitting me just perfectly!


D’s Sat 8.17 meals and a Time Marches On event — 2 Comments

  1. Great post, D. Glad you had a great time…. sounds like a fun day! I’m sure you looked cute in your shorts and size medium tee shirt.

  2. Hey D, it was pretty great that you were there enjoying yourself instead of thinking “I wish I had started losing weight a while ago” – that’s what I always thought before we started this plan, and I would vow to lose weight before next year’s event. I could almost describe it as liberating when we enjoy these “Time Marches On” events instead of being disappointed in ourselves and dwelling on our weight!

    And, look how much you’ve learned about yourself – eating well before the event and packing nutritious snacks to avoid temptations!

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