They Fit, They Fit, They Fit ! All My Beautiful Suits Fit!!

The other night I was restless so I started trying on all of my suits that were too small – all 10 of them!

These 10 suits were the subject of my True Confessions #1 – the reason I always said I did not like suits is that I was more comfortable in jeans and could work better when I was comfortable.  I confessed that, in reality, it wasn’t that jeans were so comfortable, it was because the suits were so uncomfortable - they cut into my stomach  because they were all too tight – it had gotten to the point where I had 10 perfectly good suits that I could not wear – and here are their pictures that I posted before:



Much to my surprise and delight – THEY ALL FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, a few of them are on the brink of being too big.

I was stunned – I have a couple that were too tight when I bought them, and have never really been worn.

This just underscores how awesome this plan is.  I have rarely felt deprived and I’ve just plugged along and BAMM!  All of a sudden all these clothes fit.

I have a whole new wardrobe for FREE!  I am soooo happy!!


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