P’s Friday 9.20 Meals and D&P’s Plan vs. Medifast

Friday I left for the office without breakfast.

When I got there, I was hungry so ate a cold El Pollo Chicken leg, and cheddar cheese – it was actually a really nice breakfast!


I had a lunch meeting with a client.  He had just lost 26 or so pounds in 6 or so weeks on Medifast.  He said he was happy he lost the weight in such a short time (I am happy for him too) – but it wasn’t easy because they had him down to 800 calories a day  - they still advocate calories in – calories out.  Yikes – I could not handle only 800 calories a day – I’d feel like I was starving!  Plus, that’s not even doable for the long haul.  (Interesting read from US News & World Report:  the report states that, behind the scenes – Medifast intentionally curbs carbs!)

Even though it took almost 6 months to lose the same amount on this plan – what fun we’ve had and what good food we’ve eaten!  Plus, it’s a plan for a lifetime – not just a short “fix-it” plan!

For lunch I ordered a salad and burger patty – my client did too!:


For dinner I made a really good tri-tip stroganoff.  I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture – I have enough for leftovers, so I will take a picture the next time I eat some – and I will post the recipe!


P’s Friday 9.20 Meals and D&P’s Plan vs. Medifast — 1 Comment

  1. It will be interesting to see if he is able to keep the weight off. I hope so for his sake but I know it is hard. The Jenny Craig diet started at 1,000 calories, eating only their food – tiny portions. I was pretty miserable. I did lose weight as I’ve explained in past posts but over five years, it all came back. Every bit of it! I did NOT change how I thought about food. Because of our plan, I have!

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