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Like D, I need improvement in the area of exercise, which I’ve been sporadic at best.  D and I discussed that we’d each like to up the level and frequency of exercise and get it dialed into our daily lives like the food plan.

I have posted many times that I will do this or that, yet I haven’t seem to be make it happen – I even did not meet my triathlon goal.

But, I have learned that it is really true that what you focus on you will succeed in.

I would like to succeed in building strength and endurance, which in turn will further increase my energy and take care of the flabby areas that just weight loss doesn’t handle.

A while ago I posted that I’d like to be able to do 100 pushups.  The program is gradual and it would only take me focusing on it and adding it as a priority like D’s walks.

However, while that would build upper body strength, I’d like my legs and rear to take a better shape, and build my abdominal strength because I still get the occasional minor backaches because of sitting at the desk for long periods of time.

So What Would Happen If… I made it a morning routine before showering to do a rotation of push-ups, sit-ups and lunges?  I will start with 3-sets each, so it goes like this to start with:

  1. Do 15-20 push-ups – modified – either using the edge of the desk or knee-style;
  2. Then, 15-20 sit-ups
  3. Then, 5 – 7 lunges with each leg – lunges tend to really make the legs and rear ache when you’ve first started, so it is best to start off slow with this one.
  4. Repeat the cycle two times.

I will do this starting today – no excuses!



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