P’s [Revised] Saturday 9.21 and Sunday 9.22 Meals

Saturday 9.21

Saturday we took off early to do rescue stuff so I grabbed a 1/3 bag of macadamias and pepperonis.

In the car on the way to do a home check for a potential adoption home, and then to pick up another Dobie Mix at the shelter in the next county, my husband and I munched on the macadamias and pepperonis:


We got home later that afternoon. and at about 4:00 p.m. I ate some left-over tri-tip and wine stroganoff:


I then was doing stuff on the computer and ate snacks of a strawberry milkshake, to which I also added frozen blueberries (it was really good), and about three-TBS peanut butter.

Later that night, I realized that I wanted something fresh tasting, so I made a quick salad of romaine, olives and peperoni with olive oil and vinegar and Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt.  It hit the spot!


Even though I ate to the plan, I feel I still ate too much so late at night – I need to find a way to not want to snack so much when I am working on the computer at night!

Sunday 9.22

Busy day cleaning the house since we will be having a house/dog sitter while we are in Atlanta at the Wedding!

Made scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and added salsa and sour cream – very tasty:


New dog sitter came over at 1:00 to meet the dogs and get instructions.  A while after she left, at about 4 p.m., I ate some left over stroganoff – it’s all gone now :-(


Later that night my husband made some great burgers and sautéed beans:







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