Four days to go til the wedding

It seems amazing that it is the week of the wedding. Time goes so fast – really. It seems like yesterday when my little niece and her brother would come over and spend the night with Aunt D. Those were special times and now make for such special memories. Now she is going to be a bride and I am not sure if there will be a dry eye in the church! If sister K starts up, I’m done for! Anyway, it’s a happy, happy time and I am really excited for the family to all start arriving. And very excited for K and hubby D as they gain another son in the family!

For the family, P and I will be busy whipping up some good meals that are in keeping with our Plan and I absolutely am looking forward to sharing a (small!) piece of wedding cake with her – both of us a good 20 pounds lighter now : )


Four days to go til the wedding — 2 Comments

  1. For some reason I started tearing up reading that post! You can count on hubby D and me to NOT have a dry eye at the wedding…. so bring your tissues!

  2. I am very excited about the Wedding too! The last six months flew by (Time Marches On…) and this will be the FIRST time in my life that I will be attending an important even where I will not be thinking “If only I had started to lose weight months ago….”

    I am looking forward to seeing M in her wedding gown – she will make such a beautiful Bride. I look forward to meeting the Groom – it seems like I always missed meeting him when I came back East for a visit, but I know the family has known him for many years so probably already considers him as part of the family.

    Most of all, I look forward to us ALL enjoying the cake and toasting to the Bride and Groom!

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