P’s Food Summary Monday 9/23 through Friday 9/27 and Great Idea for Flying Snacks

Being that it was the week we left for Atlanta for the Wedding – work was hectic and getting the house ready for the dog sitter to sleep here for a week distracted me so that I was not as diligent at taking photos.  I pretty much had a beer each night while in Atlanta, but do not feel any negative effects on my progress.  I know I did not lose weight while being away, but since I kept on plan for the majority of meals, I feel like I did not backslide.

Monday 9/23

Lunch from Ralph’s deli: Tri-tip roast; chicken salad; broccoli salad:


Sliced tri-tip after class:


Strawberry “Milk Shake”


Tuesday 9/24:

All I photo’d was a roll-up before it was rolled-up.  We stayed up all night working, cleaning and packing, but I do not remember what else we ate:


Wednesday 9/25 – FLYING TO ATLANTA

We had a very early flight, so I packed Trader Joe’s dry-roasted mixed nuts, pepperonis, turkey, cheese and hardboiled eggs in a small soft-sided ice chest.  Knowing we’d need ice, but can’t get a bunch through airport security, I bought two coffees once we were at our gate and asked for two cups of ice.  I stuck the two cups of ice, with tops, upright in the small ice chest and that kept the food nice and chilled the entire flight without leaking melted ice!

Once in Atlanta – we met family for dinner at a grille/pub – I ordered burger, no bun, with side salad.  It tasted great as we were pretty hungry after only eating snacks on the plane.

Thursday 9/26 – Wedding Weigh Day

I posted before that my official weigh in before the wedding showed 24.6 pounds lost!  Even as I write this a week later, it’s hard to believe that I stuck with this plan without much sacrifice!

I ate at D’s house for lunch as my parent had just gotten in.  D went to a deli and got turkey salad, broccoli salad and a cobb salad.  It was nice to have a light meal.

That night I joined my husband, bro and sis-in-law and one of my husband’s friends at a Peruvian restaurant.  I tasted a couple appetizers that were not on plan:  a cheese quesadilla and Peruvian Corn Nuts.  The Peruvian corn nuts were quite addictive!  I ordered fish with a garlic sauce – the fish was great, and sauce was very hot because of the spices, so I ate about 1/2 my rice to ease my mouth.  I suspect that the sauce had a bit of either flour for thickening.  I also ate a couple of fried plantain pieces.  So, the meal was not exactly “on plan”.  But, as I have said many times before – it’s OK to have an occasional meal that varies from plan since this is a life-time plan, not a short term diet!

Friday, 9/27 – D and I control Dinner By Being the Cooks

D and I have learned that if you volunteer to be the cooks, you can control dinner.

For lunch that day, we ate left-over deli salads at D’s house and my husband made chicken salad to supplement it from some rotisserie chickens that D had the night before.

That afternoon, D and L (one of our sisters) and my sis-in-law went for pedicures.  I paid the extra $7 for a “spa” pedicure, which included the massage of the foot and calves – it was really relaxing.

That night, those of us who did not go to the rehearsal dinner had dinner at D’s and D and I controlled the meal by cooking.

We made appetizers of cheese slices, celery, carrots, cukes, onion dip with sour cream and Lipton onion soup mix (we had a small bowl of tortilla chips for those who wanted them).  One of my sisters in law asked what kind of dip it was and she was surprised that it was made from the inion soup mix.  She said hers never tastes that good.  Then she realized that it was because she uses “lite” sour cream!  I told her that this plan doesn’t use “lite” or diet anything , which was why it works so well.

I made the Zuppa Toscana - which was a big hit.

We also made salad, burgers with caramelized onions and broiled cheese on top, Applegate Hotdogs (we had buns for those who wanted them), and D roasted cubed regular and sweet potatoes in the oven and they were great!  We both don’t like Brussels Sprouts but experimented with them by roasting them- the experiment failed and we both still DON’T like Brussels Sprouts.  We must have done them wrong – ours had a very tough texture and here’s a recipe that has 5 stars after over 300 reviews – maybe I’ll try them again sometime!

Everyone enjoyed dinner so much that no one even asked for dessert!



But, later that night back at my bro and sis-in-law’s house, I ate a mini-ice cream sandwich that my bro-in-law had in his freezer – everyone else was having one, and I could not resist!  It actually tasted pretty good, but not good enough to make a habit of it so that it undermines my progress!



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