P’s Food 9/28 – the Wedding Day!

The Wedding started at 2:00 p.m., and I can’t believe I do not quite remember what I ate earlier in the day.  Most likely I would have snacked on cheese, eggs and maybe some nuts.

What fun we all had at the Wedding!  The whole event was perfect – our niece looked so beautiful, and the groom’s family was great fun to meet.  Our nephew even brewed the beer for the reception!

Since this is a food oriented blog, the reception food needs mentioning.  It all was very good.

The reception started with Hors d’oeuvres such as marinated shrimp and a pimento cheese – jalapeño dip. I found a LINK to a version of it - I’ll have to make it to see if it’s it!  It really tasted good with cut-up veggies, so no crackers were needed.

The dinner had spinach salad, pulled pork, BBQ brisket, and though D and I both varied from plan a little (had to taste the mac & cheese and mini cornbread muffins with jalapenos), most of the food was well within our plan.

Having D and I both meet our 20-pound goal was, as they say, “icing on the cake”!

Speaking of cake, we each had a piece – it tasted great – even better knowing that it was truly a celebration cake – not just for the Wedding, but for our achievement of the first 20-pound goal.  Someone took a picture of us feeding eat other the cake on forks – I need to find that picture!

After dinner, I danced a lot with everyone else.  Later that night, I realized that when I used to dance – I always thought in the back of my mind – “Dancing is such good exercise – I hope it helps me lose weight!”

This time, I just danced because I like to dance!  I did not have to think about whether or not it helps lose weight because I am already well on my way to a solid life-time plan where everyday I live I either lose weight or become healthier!

It was such a great wedding and I am sure my niece will remember it always as the very perfect day that it was!



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