P’s How Reaching a Significant Specific Goal Can Be Your Defeat [Two-Week Review]

I’ve had a hard time focusing on being good to myself since we returned from the Wedding.  I’ve lost focus on the habits I was creating that made this such a huge success so far.  And, today, it clicked as to why.

I was watching a show where they were talking about the tendency for some people to reach a significant specific weight loss goal, and then, because they look so much better and they feel great, they think they can go on “autopilot” and continue to the next level of success.  That’s what I’ve done this past two weeks, and just as those people on the show found out:  It’s not true!

How can I expect to go on autopilot after a successful 6 months when I have spent decades developing these bad habits? So, strange as it may seem, when it involves losing a specific number of pounds, finally reaching a significant goal can actually  be your defeat!

Hearing this being discussed on TV hit me like a ton of bricks since it described me perfectly.  It’s not that I’ve abandoned this plan, but I have just not been very focused on it.  Instead of eating non-plan food only once in a while, looking back on these last two weeks – it’s clear that I am letting non-plan food (especially sugar) creep back in and take a larger role in my daily food.

I’m not sure if I have actually gained weight, but I feel like it and I do know that I haven’t lost any.  Plus, a couple of my fingers even feel a little achy.  Maybe a coincidence, or maybe it’s my body telling me to get with the program!

So – I am recommitting to doing what has been successful for me:

  1. Food Journal – Take photos of everything I eat – you can’t help but keep focused on eating well when you commit yourself to food journaling
  2. Blog – Daily blogging keeps it “real” – I’ve realized it is so enjoyable to write often and it is a huge motivator to want to “report” successes – even if no one else notices.
  3. Get Up When I Wake Up – I’ve been lounging around a bit after I wake up, knowing how this actually causes more mental stress as I think about all things I “should” be doing
  4. Back to Basics – Eat mostly meat, eggs, and veggies (and plan well for on-the-go snacks)-  I’ve been so lax in keeping with the plan and letting back in the foods that I’ve successfully (and quite happily) kept away from for the last 6 months.  Of all things – I ate a hot dog with a bun at a kid’s birthday party last weekend, plus two helpings of homemade fries and even a cupcake.  Plus, I ate 1/2 of an éclair at the office!  I’ve bought two salad dressings knowing they were high in sugar – coleslaw dressing and a really good peanut dressing at Trader Joe’s.  I ate the peanut dressing 5 nights in a row!  And, my beer-drinking has turned into one almost every night!

All of this has made me acknowledge a truth that I’ve always known deep down, but not wanted to admit because then I have to actually do it:

You Will Excel On That Which You Focus!

From here on out, I am recommitted to this extremely successful and enjoyable life-style so that I can reach the next level!

Below is my last two-weeks’ lame attempt to convince myself I was putting forth the necessary effort in keeping with this plan (Note how few meals actually got caught on camera!):









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