P’s Monday 10.21 Meals

Today I followed the plan well, though I feel I ate a lot!  I know I’ve had this feeling before on this plan, and it always still works!

I made a Crust-Less Quiche with bacon yesterday, so it was nice having it available for this morning’s breakfast – I really like the added flavor of a little bacon instead of the sausage – you don’t need  a lot of bacon since the flavor is so distinct.  My husband said it was one of the best quiches I’ve made.  I used a mix of Monterey Jack and Cheddar for the cheese.


For lunch I made a simple salad of Romaine, Carrots, Roasted Pepitas (Trader Joes) and a great new dressing I tried – Lighthouse Cilantro.  I’ve had this similar dressing at El Torito’s on their Mexican Cesar salad – including the pepitas.


For a late afternoon snack, I reheated some chicken breast I had cooked a couple days ago since I teach class at 5:30. (Forgot picture)

Once home, my husband had made burgers, so I ate 1/2 burger and a bowl of Oriental Salad, but forgot to take a picture.

For desert I ate a protein shake with 1/2 cup Greek Yogurt, and a few frozen strawberries and blueberries, and one scoop of Vanilla Protein powder, Lien Pro Matrix from Nutrition Zone, and little water and .


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