P’s Tuesday 10.22 and Wed. 10.23 Meals

Still feel like I am eating too much, but I felt like this before and still lost weight…..

Tuesday 10.22- remembered to take pictures 1/2 through each meal:





Wednesday 10.23:

Fiber One bar – not exactly on plan – still don’t have the right foods for a very busy work time:



Dinner – left over 1/2 burger and Low Carb Oriental Salad – similar┬áto the night before.






P’s Tuesday 10.22 and Wed. 10.23 Meals — 2 Comments

  1. Hi P, thanks for getting back to the blog on a daily basis. I have missed it myself and found it to be my motivation as well. I have actually gained 2 pounds since the wedding due to being on “auto-pilot” after the big event. Kids sent hubby a delicious pecan pie for his birthday so we’ve been eating that every night for the past week. Hubby decided we need to go back to our pre-wedding menus of big salads with some protein. We were both very happy with those and felt a lot better…. Pecan pie almost gone… I’ll let hubby polish it off!

  2. Hi K, thanks for commenting! It’s been 4 1/2 weeks since I weighed in before the wedding, so I weighed in today. I’ve gained 4 pounds, so am very glad I did a reality check! Peacan Pie is hard to resist – good thing it;s almost gone. It’s great that you’re going back to the pre-wedding menus – that’s the way to make it work enjoyably!

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