P’s Post-Wedding Weigh-In (up 4 pounds) AND D’s theory of why “Scale Jail” can be a good thing

I came back from the wedding flying high from the 24-pound loss and the smaller suits I was able to buy.  This caused me to kind of “slack-off” when it comes to focussing on nutrition.  I let myself eat off-plan foods several times each week.  Now it’s time to pay the piper.

I was actually concerned that I gained a lot of the weight back (even though the smaller clothes I bought still fit) because I feel like my stomach is sticking out significantly more than when I weighed in before the wedding.

I also had decided to go to the gym and that’s were the scale is, so decided I needed to recalibrate myself.   The scale showed a four pound increase over weighing in on D’s scale 4 1/2 weeks ago.  Of course the excuses started popping into my head:

  • “It’s the afternoon and I always weigh more in the afternoon”
  • “Maybe this scale is not calibrated like D’s scale”
  • “Maybe the salty pizza I had last night (yes, it’s true) is making me retain water”

Maybe all these things are true – but who cares?  The reality is that if you feel like you’ve gained weight and the scale shows that you’ve gained weight – you’ve gained weight!

Instead of fretting over it, I am looking at the positive:  I am still really happy that I am down a whole 20 pounds, plus, luckily, I know exactly what I need to do to get rid of the gain - and it’s not painful or that hard.

I am starting to think that what D had said a while ago about “scale jail” may be worth the “bummed out” feeling that I feel if I’ve not lost any weight – weighing more frequently keeps her accountable.

So, going forward, I am going to go back to “scale jail” for the weekly weigh-ins because I want to see if it keeps me more accountable.  I am also wondering – if I don’t lose or I gain, even if it bums me out, will it tend to make me work harder?


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