P’s Thurs 10.24; Fri. 10.25; Sat. 10.26 meals – Saturday was a planned “Carb Day”

I could not get myself back on track 100% and was still eating too many nuts (volume’s bad, not the food) and other foods that I was seemingly intentionally not paying attention to (dressings, catsup) which contain more sugars than I can handle.  Not knowing what I needed (I had not yet weighed myself) I remembered that since we’ve started this plan, if I plan a carb-day (a.k.a. binge day) in advance, I can satisfy my cravings that are probably more mental than physical.  We had a Doberman club picnic coming up on Saturday, so I planned to go ahead and eat whatever foods that were there.  unfortunately, I did not decide this until Friday, thus making the remaining two days of the week not-great food-plan wise.  Plus, I took far fewer pictures than I thought, so I can’t even remember what I had, which makes me very disappointed in myself!

Thursday a.m., I had a protein shake with a few frozen strawberries, Lean Pro Matrix vanilla protein powder; water and 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt:


I don’t remember the rest of the day.

Friday, 10.25

Friday, what I remember is two Applegate Hotdogs with american cheese, several handfuls of nuts, and I met a client for late lunch at the bay – the restaurant had a fantastic view.  I drank two Stella beers and ate a few pieces of shrimp for the appetizer, and then had a large salad with grilled chicken that had some sort of sweet tasting dressing.  Not too bad, but could have kept it down to one beer.

That evening my husband made a great chicken Marsala dish – happily, it tasted great and was on-plan.  I’ll have to figure out what he did and post it.

Saturday 10.26 – Picnic Day

I did not eat breakfast, and first tried chips and guac that are homemade form a local mexican grocery.  Tasted great.


Here’s a hotdog, greek salad, a little potato salad (not that good) and quinoa salad.


For dinner, we went ahead and got pizza and had a traditional pizza-and-beer night.

OK – time to get back on track.


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