P’s Ideas for Enjoying Thanksgiving Food without “Blowing It”

As I said in one of the replies to a food journal comment, I have a plan for this Thanksgiving – here it is expanded a little:

  1. Eat something healthy before being exposed to all the food at the Thanksgiving celebration you are attending so the hunger demon does not take a hold of your brain;
  2. Take very small tastes of foods and treats that seem irresistible;
  3. Do not eat any more of such foods unless they taste incredible!
  4. If it tastes incredible, eat more in small portions only, until you feel you’ve satisfied the “need” to eat the particular food.

Wish me luck!




P’s Ideas for Enjoying Thanksgiving Food without “Blowing It” — 1 Comment

  1. All great tips especially #4 which I also have discovered works very well. And once tasted, the irresistible does not seem so irresistible after all! Rarely have I had more than two after that first taste.

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