What I’ve Been Eating

P and I had a great conversation this past weekend about how easy it is to let unhealthy eating slip back in. Maintaining a healthy weight and getting good nutrition has to be a daily priority. I’ve done pretty well since the big 20 pound lost. No weight gained and another pound lost over the last few months. But I really need to lose about 9 more pounds so I’m going to start posting my meals again. I think the accountability will definitely help me to stay on track.

For the most part, I’ve been sticking to lots of salads with veggies, lean meats, grass fed beef. Minimal cheese and dairy. Some fruit. Some things that have been creeping in – wine more than once or twice a week, not being as vigilant at restaurants – for example eating many sesame fries when client ordered them as an appetizer, ice cream !!! (yes – husband bought a small container of Ben and Jerry’s toffee crunch and I ate some for about three nights in row, I finished it off last night and have asked him to NOT buy that for me anymore). I see all of these “slips” as red flags that I need to be careful not to get into any of my old habits.

So for breakfast yesterday, an “unsandwich” layered with march rosettes (my new fave lettuce), balsamic vinegar, slices of deli ham, german mustard and topped with Whole Foods cole slaw. Lunch was a huge salad of romaine, spinach, kale, celery, radishes, topped with leftover Mediterranean chicken from last night (great recipe here) and flax seeds. For dressing, lately my favorite blend is balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a small amount of Paul Newman’s Creamy Caesar. Dinner was another big salad with two mini crabcakes and a lobster egg roll on the side. Snacks were one Engine 2 crisp bread with pimento cheese spread on it and coffee with 1/2 Kind bar.

Exercise – 2 mile walk (very rainy day so that’s all I could get in) and I still need to get up the street to check out the yoga and weight training classes!


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