D’s Tuesday meals 12.10 Crazy Carb day

Yesterday I had a couple of big client meetings and was feeling a bit stressed about each of them. One is a new client and I’m in the “proving myself” stage which is the phase you go through when doing a project for the first time with a client. Establishing trust and making the client feel comfortable working with me. It can be a bit of a process.

Breakfast today was romaine lettuce, leftover chicken and some tabouli that I bought at Whole Foods. The main ingredient is bulghur which is a form of wheat somewhat like rice. Usually this would have been it for carbs in one day but that’s not how the day unfolded. My first meeting ran late and it was time for my second meeting. Because I was in a hurry, I chose one of my old favorites, the turkey reuben sandwich from a local deli. It’s a huge sandwich so I ate half for lunch and saved the rest which I ate for dinner. Many more carbs than I’m used to in one day. And that didn’t stop my carb craziness. Because of the two meetings – I felt I needed a “treat” that evening. Major RED FLAG – old way of thinking going on here. So I had two glasses of wine. After the first glass, out came the chips and pimento cheese dip (and this was after I had already eaten the half sandwich for dinner!) I don’t know how many I ate – lost track. I was craving them!  I can’t believe how just a little bit of carbs triggers the craving for more. And this morning I woke up with some stomach cramps which, in a weird way, I’m glad for — since it will be a reminder for me next time. Too many carbs = don’t feel too good the next day.

For snacks today, I ate two pieces of candy at the client meeting — chocolate covered something (more carbs!). Exercise – none.


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