D’s Wed 12.11 and Thurs 12.12 meals

I did not eat much at all these two days – still recovering from Tuesday. I don’t know if it was a bug of some sort or due to that huge sandwich and all the chips I ate on Tuesday but it wasn’t fun! Wednesday breakfast was egg salad on on cracker, lunch was a small green salad, dinner was veggie soup that my husband got for me at Fresh Market. I felt a little better on Thursday – same breakfast and lunch was a bigger salad, dinner was some Hungarian Mushroom Soup. Thursday evening, I had a board meeting for the non-profit I’m involved with. Since it was the last meeting before Christmas, everyone brought food for the annual holiday party. There were tons of dips and tasty treats but I refrained from all and spent time visiting with the other board members and their families. When I got home, I had one glass of wine and two crackers with french onion dip from Whole Foods.

No exercise either day, stomach hurt to walk!

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