D’s Fri 12.13 and Sat 12.14 meals

Forgot to take pics both days! I am out of the habit for sure!

Friday breakfast – this is one of my favorite and easy meals. It can really be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I layer ingredients, starting with lettuces. For this morning I used romaine lettuce. Sprinkle lettuce with balsamic vinegar. Add cut up deli ham. Add dabs of mustard. Top with cole slaw.

Friday lunch – big green salad with tuna fish. I made the tuna fish with canned tuna, mayo, dijon mustard, cut up celery and onions, pickle relish.

Friday dinner – yummy Italian meatballs from Whole Foods cooked in marinara sauce with fresh mushrooms and onions. I had this over a small amount of whole wheat pasta.

Snacks – Kind bar with coffee

Exercise – 3 mile walk

Saturday breakfast – repeat of Friday

Saturday – my husband and I went to the mall and decided to try the Food Court. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Chipotle’s there. I had a salad topped with chicken, salsa, vinaigrette, sour cream, shredded cheese. It was really good. The mall was crazy this time of year and we couldn’t find a place to sit so we walked around looking and ended up on a bench with a perfect view of parents bringing their kids to sit on Santa’s lap for pictures. We had some good laughs at how many little ones don’t really seem to like Santa too much. A lot of photos with crying toddlers. But cute just the same and fun entertainment during lunch.

Dinner – tilapia filets with dill sauce (I make this by cutting up fresh dill and mixing in with a little mayo and sour cream plus fresh lemon juice), favorite cole slaw from Alon’s

Snacks – peanuts, 1/2 cracker with Whole Foods french onion dip with glass of wine

Exercise – can I count two rounds of walking the mall?



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  1. Hey D – Glad to see you’re back! Your postings help motivate me to stay on track – and I need all the motivation I can get these days! Keep ‘em up!

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