D’s Sunday 12.15 meals

I’ve been experimenting with some ideas for breakfast hoping to come upon an idea that I can bring for the brunch that my sister is having Christmas Eve. This one turned out great and I think it will be a contender for sure. I named it Canadian Bacon and Veggie Breakfast Scramble. It was so good I added it to our Recipes page. Click here to see how to make it.Canadian Bacon and Veggie Breakfast Sramble

This goes really good with a cole slaw. I used my favorite one from Alon’s which I am going to try to replicate soon.

Lunch was a big salad – no pic, sorry. I also had a lower carb cracker with pepperoni slices and mozzarella cheese melted on it. It tasted like I was having a slice of pizza!

Snack – another “pizza” cracker with a glass of wine

Dinner – veggie scramble with chicken (again, no pic!). This one was an Italian style scramble. I used all the veggies that were nearing their extinction time. Cabbage, green beans, mushrooms, onions, orange bell pepper. I sprinkled some Italian spices on all while cooking. In a separate pan, I cooked the chicken in olive oil. I had cut up the chicken into bit sized pieces. I added some Paul Newman’s Tuscan Italian Dressing to it. Then when all was cooked, I mixed it all together and served in bowls.

Exercise – four mile walk, yay!

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