D’s Mon 12.17 meals

Today was a nice beginning to the work week as I’m caught up with projects and able to work on new ones in a more relaxed manner. It seems everyone is focused on the holidays and so I expect I’ll be really busy after so I am trying to enjoy my down time now. I even had time to run a few errands today which was nice because the stores are much less crowded than they were this past weekend!

Breakfast and dinner today were the same – romaine lettuce with leftover sauteed veggies and chicken from last night. IMG_2241I have discovered that “cold” sauteed veggies are really good on a salad so I eat this often the day after. I also added the last of my Alon’s cole slaw and on the dinner version, some sliced almonds. Sliced almonds are a great alternative to croutons. For dressing I mixed Paul Newman’s Creamy Caesar with Balsamic Vinaigrette. Very yummy both times I ate it.

As I mentioned, I was out running errands for awhile today so at 1:00 my husband and I stopped at Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint and split a medium pizza. Well I only had one piece, he had the rest : ) Anyway, it was a whole wheat crust with pepperoni slices and tons of veggies. I ate about 2/3 of the crust on my piece. It was satisfying and I was proud of myself for stopping at the one piece. The old D would have claimed her full half!

Snacks – coffee mixed with some milk and about half a packet of Trader Joe’s hot chocolate mix. My version of a Cafe Mocha.

Exercise – a couple of laps around the WalMart Super Store and a three mile walk when I got home.

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