P’s – What would happen if…..I recommitted to the Plan and the Blog? How Much Would I Weigh on March 16?

I have been really struggling since the Wedding to keep with the plan.  It’s not really a lack of motivation – it’s more like disregarding what I know and making excuses to eat foods that are bad for me on top of the foods that I eat that are good for me.

On Christmas, I weighed myself on D’s scale – the “official” scale and it matched what the scale at the gym showed – my lack of focus on what I am putting in my mouth has caused me to gain back 10 of the pounds I lost, so now I am down 14 pounds instead of 24 and clothes are getting tight again.

Just as bad, my joints are really sore, from my fingers to my ankles.  I forgot how truly unpleasant these aches are!!  Definitely caused by too much sugar for this body!

D called this weekend and we agreed that we needed to recommit to each other, this Plan and the blog to get us jump started again.

This brings me to my first “What Would Happen If….” for 2014 – What would happen if I recommitted to the Plan and the Blog?

How much would I lose by March 16?  Why March 16?  That’s the day we started our life-changing “What Would Happen If”, which was to eat only meats and veggies.

March 16 is only 10 weeks away – wow – I can’t believe we have been doing this blog for almost a year!   But, I should be able to average 1 to 2 pounds a week if I stay true to plan.  That would mean I would, at the very least, lose these 10 I have recently gained back.

So, I hereby recommit to the Plan, this Blog and to D!


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