P’s Saturday 2.1.14 Meals – Shopping and Cooking

First thing Saturday morning, we had to take a rescue dog we are fostering to the vet, and then had to do a home check and deliver a rescue puppy to his new forever home.  Several weeks ago, a local shelter had taken a momma dog with four 2-week old puppies from the owner because they were left out in the cold.  The shelters aren’t equipped well for very young puppies, so they reach out to local rescue groups for foster homes.  Since these are Dobermans, they called our group.  The puppies are now healthy and 9 or so weeks old and ready for their adoptive homes.  We are also looking for a good home for the momma Dobie.

The puppies are so cute with their pudgy bellies!  (Pudgy bellies are adorable on puppies – not so much on women in their 50’s!)

After delivering the puppy, we went shopping to get all the healthy stuff that I had on my list after reviewing the old posts on this Blog.

We got back home early in the afternoon, and began a garage cleaning chore, and then, at about 5:30, we started cooking.  I really had fun and felt very “at home” in the kitchen due to all the cooking I had done before for this Blog.  Here’s how the food part went:

Breakfast: Pre-shopping – two simply scrambled eggs:


Snack: 1 1/2 oz. Trader Joe’s cashews with coffee:


One dish I cooked was pasta-less lasagna, and I added shrooms because one of D’s old posts mentioned she had added sautéed shrooms and onions.  I added onions to the sauce, so the shrooms were still needed – it really enhanced the dish!




I added a layer of sauce on the top to cook.  That’s what I had for dinner – very tasty!


Snack while cooking – I boiled a bunch of eggs and had one while I was cooking the other stuff.


P’s Saturday 2.1.14 Meals – Shopping and Cooking — 2 Comments

  1. I love pudgy bellies on puppies too….. Loved your post. Can’t wait to read more. Your lasagna looks great. I hope you have D’s Italian chicken recipe. She made it for us this weekend. It is awesome!

    • Hi K-

      Not sure if I have D’s recipe – I’ll have to get that from her. The lasagna is in the recipes under this Blog, but for some reason, my computer would not let me do links in my posts – I’ll have to figure that out…..

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