P’s Sunday 2/16/14 Meals

I’m still having trouble  staying on plan due to the extreme work load I’ve had lately.  I love having this many client matters and I find it very interesting, but it gives me good excuses to eat fast food or chips or other things when I work so late and am rushing from meeting to meeting.

Like Friday, I had teleconference, then court, then  a meeting, so it was just after 5, and I was leaving my client’s offices, she was staging her daughter’s Girl Scout cookies for selling door to door.  I had already ordered 4 boxes and had them go to the Troops – good way to support Girl Scouts, and our Troops and not eat all that sugar! But, unfortunately, she had plenty of extra boxes and I bought 3.  Then, I was so hungry while stuck in rush hour traffic that I, of course, broke into a box!

This was just one instance of many this past couple of weeks where I totally fell off the wagon.

But, I am going to keep on trying until I get back on track for good.

I woke up this morning feeling horrible, headache and all.  This is what I felt like all the time before we started this, and now, I guess, my several months of transgressions are really catching up with me.

So, I will try to eat one day at a time. …

I was feeling so bad this a.m. that I didn’t feel like eating until about  1 p.m.  We worked today, and on the way in, we stopped at a Vons and they had Sarah Lee meats in the deli instead of Boarshead.  I got the oven roasted turkey and it was really good.  When I finally felt like eating, I made a nice salad with Romaine, mini bell peppers, cherry toms, cukes, green ripe olives and  I shredded the turkey on top.  I used about 2 TBS of Light House Big Blue blue cheese dressing:


For dinner we reheated grilled burgers with caramelized red onions, and I sautéed sliced up Brussels Sprouts in just butter and salt.  It was SOOO good.  My Husband and I have always thought we hated Brussels Sprouts, but over the Holidays we had them a couple times made in fancier ways and they were good.  So, I wondered what it would taste like if they were made in a simple way:








P’s Sunday 2/16/14 Meals — 2 Comments

  1. Hi P, thanks for your honest assessment of your situation. Now, I have to be honest too. You have the headaches when you eat crappy, I don’t have that, but for some time have been having bowel issues. I was starting to think I had some deadly disease and was wondering “what the hell?”… even made an appointment with a “poop” doctor (or gastroenterologist). Well, I did a bit of research and low and behold…. I just can’t eat certain things. They make me feel like crap. I cancelled the doc apptmt, starting eating better and it’s like a miracle….. symptoms pretty much gone after dealing with this for over 6 months. So, YOU know what to do and you’ll do better. Stick with the plan and think about how great you feel, how good you sleep and how great all those new clothes look on you! You can do it!

  2. Hi K, Thanks for YOUR honesty and confidence in my ability to get back on track! It’s great that you recognized what foods make you feel bad. I’d be interested to know what foods you found you can’t handle. Maybe that would help me too since we have shared DNA. I’m on Day 3 now of eating right again, and am feeling better – not yet as good as I felt after eating this way for weeks, but I’m one day closer!!!!!!

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