P’s Thursday 2.20; Friday 2.21; Saturday 2.22 Meals

Wednesday after I posted, I got hungry right before bed and ate about 2 oz cheese.

Thursday 2/20

Breakfast was 1/2 cup Fage Greek Yogurt with a teaspoon or so of sugar free vanilla powered pudding to sweeten it up a little.  I added slivered almonds and 1/2 banana:


Lunch was a VERY tasty Italian style salad: Romaine, Boarshead pepperoni and Mortadello, Havarti cheese, sprinkled with Italian dry spice, olive oil and white wine vinegar:


Snack of coffee and macadamias:


For dinner I browned ground beef, then added a cut up red onion, when that was cooked, I added cut up steamed broccoli, and then made cheddar cheese sauce with cream and cheddar cheese, and when it was melted, I mixed it into the ground beef and broccoli mixture.  The dish has real potential – I need to jazz it up a bit, but it was pretty good:




Friday, 2/21:

Breakfast – I almost forgot to take a picture – Greek quiche:


Lunch – two rolled up pieces of mortadello with Boarshead American Cheese and a little Miracle Whip:


Snack of coffee and cashews:


Dinner was more of a snack of celery, carrots and Onion Dip.

Dessert was more celery with Peanut butter.

Saturday, 2.22:

Our rescue group had a booth at the K9 Cancer Walk – we were there at 7 a.m. to set up, and I ate a packet of trail mix there.

But, I was proud of myself for NOT eating the donuts, coffee cake or muffins!

For lunch after the event, I had a slice of my left-over sausage quiche:


For dinner we made cauliflower pizza crust – it came out great this time – we keep getting it better and better!


Topped with Trader Joe’s tomato paste, sprinkled with Italian Spice, garlic, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, a little parmesan cheese and green ripe olives:






Look how “Crusty” the cauliflower crust looks!




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