D’s Tues 3.11 meals and exercise plan

I guess it might take me a few days to get back in the habit. Totally forgot to take pics yesterday!

Breakfast – Atlanta Greek Yogurt (from grass fed cows), topped with chopped walnuts

Lunch – salad with tuna on top (tuna was wild pole caught, mixed with Trader Joe’s Organic Mayo (my fave mayo!), juice from lemon, small amount of dijon mustard and dill pickle relish

Dinner – another salad, this one with chicken on top (white wine roasted chicken breast from Fresh Market – yum!), potato salad (also from Fresh Market) on the side

Snacks – coffee with coconut sprinkled almonds (from Trader Joe’s). These are my substitute for a coconut donut : )

I’ve been fairly consistent with the exercise. I decided in January to keep it simple and varied. And especially with the home exercise part of it – not too many in the beginning because when I have done too much at one sitting in the past, I gave it up as I found it too hard or boring. But I like the idea of building up to something so I came up with a system to add a little each month. I’ve been especially surprised at the stairs I can do now. In the past, going up one time made me a little out of breath!

My daily routine is this:

1. walk 3-4 miles as fast as I can. The best strategy I came up with is to download a book a month from my audible.com subscription. You get one free book/month. On the days I don’t feel much like the walk, I remember that I am listening to a really good book and then I can’t wait to get out there : )

2. stairs – starting in January, every month I’ve added two more times so now I am up to 6 times up and 6 times down

3. weights – every month I add one rep so now I’m up to three reps of everything: leg extensions, bench press, arm curls (two types but I don’t remember what they are called). At the six month mark, I’ll add a few more different types.

4. leg and ankle stretching, I do three sets of each (again adding a set per month): plie, step ups, ankle circles

Soon it will be warm enough to add some laps in the pool and I’d still like to take some yoga classes.



D’s Tues 3.11 meals and exercise plan — 1 Comment

  1. Hey D – I am so impressed with what you’ve been doing with your exercise. I find it very motivational and I want to get myself moving as well!

    (P.S. The coconut sprinkled almonds sound delish – I’ll have to track them down at a Trader Joe’s out here!)

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