P’s Tues. 3.11; Wed. 3.12; Thurs. 3.13; Fri. 3.14

After three successful days, I digressed Tuesday and Wednesday eating fast food – one day a burger and fries and the other a burrito – with a milkshake each day.

It’s as if both the Old P and the New P are simultaneously sharing this body.  Thursday and Friday I easily stayed on course.  It is so strange that I struggle really hard some days and then others, it’s so easy and enjoyable to eat on plan.  I wonder what gives?

So, it is not at all surprising that my weight fluctuated a bit, but overall, after this week, I am down .6:

Tuesday: 144.1

Wednesday: 145.7

Thursday: 146.8

Friday: 144.5.

Also, I did not take pictures Tuesday and Wednesday – effectively enabling myself to forget the badness of those two days.

I was good about taking pictures Thursday and Friday:

Thursday Meals:



Arugula with 1/2 TBS olive oil and 1/2 TBS balsamic vinegar – actually quite nice – plus 1 Applegate hotdog


We were having a photo shoot of our new offices and we had a few vases of flowers around.  We got the flowers at Trader Joe’s for a very cheap price and they really spruced up the office.  I took the photo of my afternoon snack of nuts and a coffee on a small end table in my office – I really love the flowers!


I had another snack of cubed mozzarella cheese – here are some yellow flowers….


Early evening snack of celery and onion dip


Dinner was frozen Applegate grass-fed beef burgers – I was hopeful that they’d be good considering how much I like Applegate hotdogs, but they were actually not very tasty and rubbery, so I was a bit disappointed.


Later I had 1/2 grapefruit and a handful of almonds – here’s the can since I forgot to take a pic of what I ate:


Friday Meals:

Breakfast was on the road to a mediation – slices of mozzarella cheese


For lunch I made a great salad of chard, arugula, bell peppers, cheese cubes, and avocado slices with ranch dressing and I am bummed that I forgot to take a picture!

After work snack of celery and onion dip that I shared with my husband


Dinner was an Applegate hotdog:


Dessert was a grapefruit


Now I start another week – I feel strongly that I WILL stay on track and not let myself eat the crap I ate on Tuesday and Wednesday.


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