Happy Anniversary to Us!

Wow, when I read P’s last post – I realized, yes, it’s been a year! And what a difference this year has made. Most importantly, I have really learned how to eat. It may seem strange but before the plan, I never really did know what to eat, how often should I eat, and I knew even less about what different foods were doing to me physically and emotionally. Bottom line answer really ended up being quite easy and making a lot of sense! Eating real food – no sugars, no processed carbs. Easy to say but sometimes not too easy to do. And it’s not because of will power necessarily, it’s because sugars and carbs are so darn addictive! That commercial about potato chips that you can’t just eat one is, sadly, so true.

Being on the plan has been a huge commitment and challenge for me. I have found that I have to work at it every day – making the right choices, resisting what my emotions want and instead, eating what my body needs. If I do that, the payoff is huge. Since starting the plan, I’m holding steady at the 20 pounds gone mark. I’d like to lose that last 10 and will continue to work at it so that by the end of year 2 on the plan, I’m there. I will also continue to work at my exercise goals – getting myself as healthy for my age as I can be : )

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