Eating the last few days – changes that have happened

After realizing that P and I have been on the plan for a year now, I’ve started noticing how much my eating style and thoughts about food have changed. Once a vegetarian wanna be – I really tried and mostly succeeded in that, it seems that I’ve done a complete 180. I would love to not eat meat because I do love animals and I’m not sure if they are really treated well at the places they are before we eat them. From what I’ve heard and read, no, they are not. But I do feel better in general, physically and mentally, when I include meat in my meals. I try for mostly wild-caught fish, organic chicken, turkey, lean ham and with beef – as much as possible, go for the grass fed.

Another big change is that now I’m not really concerned with whether a food is a designated “breakfast” food or “dinner”. For example, I used to only have a big muffin, pop tart, cereal or even a donut for breakfast. Below you will see what I ate for breakfast and for lunch the same day.


IMG_2424Meatloaf and salad with Caesar Dressing. And for lunch:

IMG_2428Yep, the same thing. For some reason, before the plan, this would have seemed “wrong” to me. It’s funny how our habits and opinions get set for really no reason at all. I think this breakfast and lunch is way better than the old way – a pop tart for breakfast and chick fil a for lunch!

Another big thing that I’ve learned with the plan is when I have a craving, don’t deny but substitute. For example, a deli close to me sells amazing huge slices of strawberry cake. It is SO good. But definitely a deal breaker on this plan! So below is my substitute. A Dr. Kracker (fairly low in carbs/sugar for a cracker) with honey drizzled and a fresh organic strawberry sliced on top. Really, with a cup of coffee, makes me just as happy as the strawberry cake with a whole lot less angst after eating it.

My “strawberry cake” –


Another change that has happened over the time of the plan is the ability to resist most temptations. By learning all the P and I have, some things I can’t eat just because I know how bad they are for me. A few mornings ago, I met a friend for coffee at Panera. I got there a little early, having given myself permission to go ahead and have a little sweet thing with my coffee. As I stood at the glass counter, trying to decide what would be “best,” I realized, NO – I do not need any of this. I am not even hungry! So I ordered a cup of coffee and sat down. Yes, I did feel just a wee bit smug and I did really enjoy my coffee and my friend’s visit : )


Eating the last few days – changes that have happened — 3 Comments

  1. Your breakfast and lunch look great! It is pretty amazing how this plan has made both of us look a food a whole different, and healthier, way!

    • I agree the meals look great. Now I need P & D to encourage me! I have signed up for my first 10K (Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta). I have always wanted to do this and I have lived here 35 years, so it’s about time. My son (J) tells me I can walk it in 2 hours. I can easily walk 1 hour so I need to step it up….. That event will come…7/4/14….

      • Hey K, how exciting! Remember we used to do 5K’s in G’ville? Usually, a specific race on the horizon is great motivation for increasing your physical activity!

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